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  1. Common Sandeep Mistakes.

    Super niche mage ruling: The mage 2" 'close' attack mode from the mage upgrade is only while that mage is engaged. Therefore it cannot engage < 1" engage models from 2" away. It also cannot chage a model exactly 8" away (as far as I understand).
  2. Collodi Tactica: Many String-Based Names

    I've played one game with Hinamatsu so far.... she got stuck fighting Ashes and Dust so that immunity to conditions didn't work too well for her . I can definitely see the potential and really want to get some more table time with her. I have never really gotten Coryphee to do anything much for me in Arcanists, does the passing out of effigy buffs make that much of a difference with them in Collodi?
  3. Vappafaux 4 Feb 2018

    Isn't Eliminate the Leadership the paired scheme for Public Execution in the final release of GG18? I know there were some changes between Beta and Final but this is what the App (trustworthy source....) is saying.
  4. Need Advices on Sandeep

    Apologies! I wasn't comenting on anyone specifically in this thread - just my experience from talking to multiple people whose initial reading of this ability adds in extra words. Adran seems to have explained the confusion that many people have with this ability.
  5. Need Advices on Sandeep

    Nope. Its just something people expect to be on there As for some actual helpful advice - A lot of Sandeeps abilities that can be borrowed either need suits or have very nice triggers. Using models that can add suits to their actions can really help with this. Mages can add tomes as mentioned above, but don't forget that Steamfitters add the suit they discard and Bishop (if you want to join me on the Jank train) can chose a suit to add to his duels at the start of his activation.
  6. Need Advices on Sandeep

    Can you tell me where on his card this limitation is? Many people assume this is the case but I don't see why as there is no such restriction in Beacon.
  7. GG18 : passing strategy conditions

    I noticed this interaction on the day that the beta was listed as closed. I had just started looking at moving to a new faction and Collodi had my interests. I messaged Mattc on that day so there *should* have been time for this to be fixed.
  8. Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    Not this discussion again.... People don't need to experience this hobby in its completion to be a part of the community. If someone comes to this game purely for the game, that should be ok! I'm super tempted to bring painted and unpainted versions of my models just incase we play George...
  9. New Rankings Algorithm?

    I much prefer this suggestion compared to increasing the player requirement for 100 points scoring. Would this suggestion remove the "two day" bonus currently in place? If not are there plans to modify this so that last place gets 5 points and the remainder are properly scaled? Have you considered capping the points for second place and lower? One of the potential issues is very large 3 round events with multiple people scoring very highly. (I may just be rambling now) Overall I like this idea!
  10. Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    I will accept my role as a living bye for the other attendees.
  11. ITC 2017 Feedback

    Wait what? This seems massively against the nature of a team event?
  12. ITC 2017 Feedback

    The whole "super team" thing is nonsense. Congratulations to the victors. Now, I didn't attend this year for various reasons but have a few questions if you would entertain me: 1) did anyone utilise the "faction flexibility" that was available? Everything I've seen leading up to the event had people classed as "the neverborn player" of the team, for example. Would players being fixed faction make a difference? If this was adopted, is it required to have the limit of one faction per team? 2) it seems there is consensus that the matching process was lacking. For future iterations of this process how impactful do players think this process should be? If a team "wins" the match up should they be massively favoured or just advantaged? 3) I know team events work differently to individual events, so did the scoring for this event (a 1 point win the equivalent of a 10 point win) change how people play? Would there be any benefits to having some measure of "winningness" included in the round scores? 4) I haven't heard any reports of this, but my concern about attending as "the arcanist" player on the team was that I would always be playing interference if it was in the round. And if not I would always be leaving my Mark. Was this unfounded concern or did attendees have "repeat game experiences"? Apologies for the large post, especially considering I did not attend. I hope I am not coming across in any negative light with this post as it is primarily driven by genuine interest and a hope that the event is something more akin to what I would enjoy next year.
  13. Porks Rift - 25th March 2017, Element Games Stockport

    Any word on that rule pack?
  14. Scottish GT 2017 - 22nd/23rd July

    Paid up. Wooo