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  1. Guarded Treasure non-Enforcers?

    "If this Crew has the most non-Peon, non-Minon models within 4" of the Markers..."? Also, is this counted by marker or as a total? If i have 4 eligible models by one marker, and one by another (both of which have two eligible enemy models) can I score?
  2. Symbols of Authority

    Without reading the thread I had written out a very similar post, and thankfully read higher up a small amount before I posed a duplicate and looked foolish. The current wording re-defining this action doesn't contain the usual restrictions on interact actions and could be argued that it removes them (i.e. no interact when engaged). The wording below is much clearer and more consistent with all other schemes and strategies.
  3. Guarded Treasure non-Enforcers?

    I've read this a few times and I do not know what I am comparing my number of non-peon, non-minion models to. More within 4" than not? More than the opponent? More than the number of peon/minion models within 4"?
  4. 9.8 public executions

    Having played this last night I really enjoy the overall direction of this Strategy, but think there are a few minor issues as it currently is written: * The condition is removed whenever you are out of line of sight, we assumed this was supposed to be at the end of an action rather than at any single point in time during any movements. * When the opponent is down to one model remaining you can no longer score any points, as killing it will put you out of Line of Sight removing the condition. * Finally, this is a scheme that essentially benefits peons (an issue with some schemes/strats in previous Gaining Grounds). I took Amina in my crew last night and could have turned my models into peons denying my opponent the kills but I could still score with that model. I fully understand why you do not gain the condition from killing a Peon but I believe that Peons should not be able to gain the condition either. I also get that this is a public execution, so you want to have the enemy nearby to see the killing (fluff wise), but for balance reasons you should score a point if there are no non-peon models in play from your opponents crew.
  5. Hidden Trap?

    I think it would be a better scheme if it was exactly the same except scoreable at the end of every turn (after 1st) by removing 1 marker max per turn - removes the last turn rush aspect of the earlier versions but also doesn't have the issue with this version of needing to keep almost the whole enemy crew alive.
  6. ITC 2017 Feedback

    Wait what? This seems massively against the nature of a team event?
  7. ITC 2017 Feedback

    The whole "super team" thing is nonsense. Congratulations to the victors. Now, I didn't attend this year for various reasons but have a few questions if you would entertain me: 1) did anyone utilise the "faction flexibility" that was available? Everything I've seen leading up to the event had people classed as "the neverborn player" of the team, for example. Would players being fixed faction make a difference? If this was adopted, is it required to have the limit of one faction per team? 2) it seems there is consensus that the matching process was lacking. For future iterations of this process how impactful do players think this process should be? If a team "wins" the match up should they be massively favoured or just advantaged? 3) I know team events work differently to individual events, so did the scoring for this event (a 1 point win the equivalent of a 10 point win) change how people play? Would there be any benefits to having some measure of "winningness" included in the round scores? 4) I haven't heard any reports of this, but my concern about attending as "the arcanist" player on the team was that I would always be playing interference if it was in the round. And if not I would always be leaving my Mark. Was this unfounded concern or did attendees have "repeat game experiences"? Apologies for the large post, especially considering I did not attend. I hope I am not coming across in any negative light with this post as it is primarily driven by genuine interest and a hope that the event is something more akin to what I would enjoy next year.
  8. Porks Rift - 25th March 2017, Element Games Stockport

    Any word on that rule pack?
  9. Scottish GT 2017 - 22nd/23rd July

    Paid up. Wooo
  10. Vapnartak 2017, February 5th 2017, York, UK SOLD OUT

    Ticket purchased.
  11. December's End

    I am looking forward to this Would prefer GG17 if attendee preference is of interest.
  12. The Governor-General's Wake

    Wave 4 allowed? Aww man now I need to find me some Parker Barrows proxies...
  13. Arcane Reservoir (the podcast)

    I've enjoyed the podcast so far. Listened to all episodes bar #2. Anyway feedback - Sound good? - I do generally need to turn my volume up to hear Ben. The guest and aaron are usually a little louder. Aside from myself, the best guest is a bit of a cop out as it coincidences with best episode - #9. The panel. That episode was great! More coverage? I dunno. Tbh I enjoy the tactical discussions and the rambly fun episodes.