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Malifaux Tournament (40SS): April 19th @ Game Nite [STL, MO]


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On April 19th, gather your crews and get to Game Nite - Its time to put your schemes into action and tempt fate!
Tournament rules will follow the Gaining Ground 2014 rules (available here):
Registration:  10:00am - 10:25am, cards flip at 10:30
=- Pre-registration: Not Mandatory but if you know you are coming, it would be nice to help me plan the number of tables i need to setup etc.
Crew Size:  40 SS
Crew Selection:  Single Faction
Objectives:  Fixed schemes/strategies/deployment
Length:  3 Rounds, 1 hour 45 min rounds (This is intentionally generous.  If rounds are done early, we will move along).
Painting:  No bare plastic or primed models allowed.  They don't have to be award worthy, just show some effort. Please ask if you have questions.
Entry Fee:  $10 (all fees given out as prize support)
Conversions/proxies must be approved before being fielded.  If you are playing a model without a current sculpt, it will need to be easily identifiable and distinctly different from other fielded models.
No wave 3 models/avatars/upgrades allowed
Guaranteed:  1st and 2nd place, Best Painted Model
Based on Attendance:  3rd place, Best Sportsmanship, Best Painted Crew and the "Bad Things Happen" award
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