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Infinity Nomad Paintscheme Contemplations


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I have recently purchased the Corregidor starter box for Infinity by Corvus Belli, and am musing over paint schemes. Join me as I show how I pick paintschemes when it's not prescriptive as it is for WWII minis!




I welcome musings and opinions by other folks knowing of Infinity (or Ghost in the Shell). Enjoy!

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Well, I've somewhat settled on a paintscheme, but it ran into an early hitch. I tested out a colour I was using for something else, trying to get a nice pale, earth-tone colour for armour. Alas, I managed to screw up slightly:

 From Nomad Colours


I have perfectly imitated a Haqqislam paintscheme...


Well, whoops! I went back, re-mixed and re-highlighted the armour, and ended up with something more Ghost In The Shell and less Haqqislam, which came out like this:

 From Nomad Colours


Since this photo, I've done white shoulderpads, dark-red pants, and done a dark olive green gun. I'm finishing up Malifaux stuff and then I'll tackle the paintscheme a bit more. I did try the hex pattern on the stomach, but it does not work properly. At this scale it just seems like weird dots.

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