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  1. I decided I would try to make her look plush even though her sculpting is flat plastic. Also wanted to make the 'patches' look like kids' blankets. I tend to prefer the subtly creepy to the overtly horrific paintschemes: I find they work better that way!
  2. Well, after a significant hiatus of doing various things (including forgetting to post pictures to here) I have managed to start fooling around with laser-cut terrain! I very much dislike mdf: it's toxic to cut, not superbly durable, soaks in water and swells when you try to paint it... So why not try basswood? Natural wood, locally grown for me, cheap, and makes awesome things come out the other side like this: From Basswood Crates Which becomes this when assembled: From Basswood Crates I still need to run a paint test on it, but it's so durable, and doesn't seem to swell up at all when painted. I do have some fear that the grain will show in spots, but that's what a test paint is for! (And even if it does, I'm sure starting the painting process with a coat of varnish will seal that all in.)
  3. Beautiful on Kaeris' wings! Where'd the different gunslingers come from? I didn't think they'd released new ones yet.
  4. Clawz


    I like what you're doing with the 'pips' on each card, but I recommend keeping it consistent throughout: You've got the magic circle theme, so go with it from 1 to 10! Also, the large central pip I think would look good on the 5s as well: at the moment it seems to stand out some.
  5. These are going somewhere! Sorry for the delay on response for this, I've been hesitant ever since I got told to cut it. With the new Create Your Fate contest though, my deck may yet see the light of my gaming table! It's been updated, cleaned, and posted for the contest!
  6. @BewareTheYalcrab - "After a year with Malifaux, I haven't had a problem yet." - Oof, that's like saying it's been a quiet shift before you get home! I hope that doesn't come back to haunt you! I'm a huge fan of pinning models. I did have the same reaction though: All three have tiny contact points and may be challenging to get a paperclip sized pin into. If people don't have one yet, a good set of pin drills from a hardware store like Lee Valley (or better ones from model suppliers) plus modeling wire (much thinner usually, slightly less durable sadly) and you can pin almost anything.
  7. Clawz


    Malifaux Art Nouveau deck spread, with link to further information Here rendered at last is a final mockup of the Malifaux Art Nouveau deck. All 54 cards lovingly rendered, with all their damage indicators subtly aligned (top right of each card), all 'royals' depicted with faction-appropriate renders, and custom-made jokers echoing the feel one has upon pulling them. For the first time shown online, a new back more in line with poker decks intrigues the eye with many art nouveau arabesques, and also some creepy elements. This deck is intentionally designed to be immediately useful to Malifaux players, and also to function as a viable deck for any other card game involving a 54-card poker deck. The light texturing of the card's "paper" is meant to suggest a paper making process that is perhaps not quite as refined as ours. Similarly, the deck itself is intended to be an "In-World" deck; one that any resident of Malifaux, or Terra in the Wyrd universe would be able to go into a store, purchase, crack open, and start gambling or passing the time with. Vote this deck, and you too could go into a store to purchase it!
  8. Ha! No, I hadn't even seen that. I was just figuring silly 1950s concept space suits with the bubble dome. I claim he used my idea! I should get money for that
  9. At long last another update! I had previously done a post on my blog about how I paint red, which you're welcome to wander over and see, and the culmination of that post is these guys: From Mobile Brigada From Mobile Brigada Mobile Brigada are heavy infantry, and some of the heaviest Nomads can get pre-tag. (Possibly heaviest, I'd have to look.) As such, I did them up almost identical to the Geckos: Loud, obvious, and hopefully the focus of fire over the squishier line troops. I wish I could say the pile of unpainted models is reducing, but that'd be an outright lie. I'm trying to swing back and get my quartet of dire trolls finished up, then it's back to Infinity for a while I think. I'm hoping to jump into Malifaux painting again, once I see what the next contest entries are, so I can decide if I want to hold off for that! Enjoy and keep painting!
  10. Wow, I am soon to bite on a Ninja-force and possibly a Guija-based menagerie, and was trying to figure out paintschemes, but hadn't considered anything along these lines! Patterned kimonos may have to feature more heavily...
  11. It's time for more completed minis! I'm having a weird time of trying to photograph things, causing odd blurriness or weird lighting effects. I'm amazed how much a change of location can mess with model photography! That said, Geckos! First up is Sankuru in "Huntress": From Geckos I left the armour gloss, and the weapons drab. I figure these guys are trying to be as loud and aggressive as possible, drawing fire from the squishier infantry. Who knows, it might even have real tabletop distraction benefits! From Geckos You can also see here the various decals I've used, imitating the various markings on every military vehicle ever. In this case, they warn about what I assume are the Zero-G mobility pods on their backs, suggesting it might be good not to get near them. There's similar ones on the guns (at this size, ejecting a magazine could itself be an injurious act!) and inside the left thigh, meant to be a warning/advice to pilots getting in. Next up is Mwene in "Space Gecko": From Geckos Not much different to say for this one: you can kind of see, I've been working at refining my NMM-with-metallics technique, so the peculiar jump from Chainmail to Mithril Silver isn't as obvious. From Geckos Likewise on this one, warning labels on what I assume is the barrel/danger zone of the Chain Colt. Descriptions of that weapon make it clear you do NOT want to be in front of it when it's triggered! From Geckos Finally, the aforementioned warning label inside the thigh to assist pilots with getting in and out safely. I've also finished up Alguaciles, photos of which can be seen on my blog, Counting Rivets - I may do another post of pics of them on here eventually. I've got another pair of Malifaux crews purchased, but neither assembled nor converted. I'm waiting for the next painting contest to go to town on one of them, and waiting until I'm in the right state of mind to attempt the other. In the meantime there's loads more Infinity to be painted!
  12. Thanks! The Pan-O stuff is awesome, and boy do I know the pain of too many models to do. I have just the biggest pile, and more inbound that's been ordered! Luckily I've been in a painting mood of late, so I'm burning through the Icestorm. Just got the Alguaciles painted up and soon to be photographed this last week!
  13. More Painting at long last! Wow it's been a busy last few months. Even my blog isn't getting updated faster than once a month or so! (as an update to before: Tamiya ultra-thin cement and acrylic sulk at opposite sides of the room and don't interact whatsoever, as near as I can tell...) I've been working on my Trollbloods, and was recently pinned at my Parent's place, cat-sitting for a weekend. What better way to spend that weekend than airbrushing! I've put preliminary cellphone pics up on my blog, and I'll put a few highlight shots here: From Cell pics First up: the entire setup. An Earthborn Dire Troll, three Dire Trolls, and all 18 of their possible hands! From Cell pics After skintone, the first layer was of a purplish darker colour to tint around the weird rocks on their backs, and shade their palms and the like. From Cell pics Then a highlight layer of skintone plus pale sand, layered up nice and thin, and varied troll to troll to make them all not look entirely uniform. From Cell pics This guy for example ended up on the darker end of the spectrum. I do have the orignal trolls finished, and am just finishing up decals on the Nomad Geckos, and then both will be photographed and put online.
  14. Oouh, that koi on the Torakage is begging for a good thick (wet) gloss varnish
  15. Nice soft highlights on the skin on her back! What's going into the colour schemes: are you trying for a particular coordination or more of a randomized set?
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