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What about Wong?


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Hi all,


I recently noticed the sheer beautifulness of the Wong sculpt, therefore Im thinking about building a Crew around him. But after reading his cards I still have no clue what to bring with him. And being without any experiences with or against Gremlins, I cant really see any obvious synergies.


Therefore I like to get some advice on what models will work well with Wong. Can you please help?



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One of the cool things about Wong is he falls into a Generalist category; he's not specifically designed to do one thing, so he can handle a few things. The big stuff to notice about him:

1) you'll want a hitter for the magical. Since you've got a guy who can damage through a lot, having already high damage just makes it gravy. The OOO Glowy thread can give you some options there.

2) oddball choice: 1 Performer. She's a merc, so you're paying 6, but the Wong crews I have are fairly minion heavy, so that reactivate is an option, that lure can bunch up people just ripe for a Wong Hadoken, and that scheme marker he's flipping 6 away she can turn into a fairly useful effect.

Beyond that, leaning fairly heavy on Lightning Bugs, and Sammy Lacroix if you want to double dip on Wong's limiteds, honestly you can build the crew you want, and it should be fine.

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