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Ryle & Targeting Systems


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Has anyone had much fun with this upgrade at all?

While his Hydraulic Fist coupled with a SS and High Ram will certainly leave a bitter taste in his targets mouth. I was looking more at combining it with his Modified Steam Gatling Gun since he can simply keep firing as long as he damages and has a fresh target. Is this something people regularly get a free shot or two with? Would combining this with Vengeance Bullet be worth the effort/cost?

I'm looking at a few different combos for Hoffman and sadly I can't really have both a Peacekeeper and Ryle if I want a reasonable model count (so for Reckoning this wont be an issue XD ). Basically, is the Peacekeeper better than Ryle more often than not?

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My son has been learning Malifaux of late, and Hoffman is his master of choice. 


He often puts the Targeting Systems on Ryle for the Steam Gatling "two-shot" as you have indicated. 


It makes Ryle really scary because he is getting off 3-4 shots in a single activation, since the plus ram lasts for the activation duration and the limiting factor is often enemies to shoot at rather than not hitting.  (Sh 5 only looks mediocre until you see it comes with the plus flip to hit)


Sometimes he just chooses to add the plus flip for damage to even out his damage flip, for cheating in a severe and insuring a kill


He prefers Ryle to the Peacekeeper I think mainly for Ryle's Henchman status.


Sure he likes to take upgrades on Ryle, but I think its the ability to use Soulstones that clinches it for him.


Stones for a ram when necessary are great, but the damage prevention on top of his healing zero seem to keep Ryle alive even when wading in with reckless abandon.


He has taken both models simultaneously before (actually there is a game of Malifaux collecting dust on the game table for three days now, seemingly left to die at the beginning of turn 4 in perpetuity, where he has fielded both) and it would seem that he is too light  in model count in most instances due to their cost.


They seem to work OK in tandem when Reckoning and Turf War are flipped, such great killing and control over the boards center, but at the expense of his schemes at times it seems.

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