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  1. Does anyone know when these models are been released and how many Autopsies will likely be in a box? I'm wanting to redo my whole McMourning crew and replace it all with their plastic counterparts but at the moment these are the last metals in my crew pool and I want to know if its worth waiting on should I just start now and add them at the end. Thanks
  2. Kriltic

    McMourning crew base them ideas

    I realise I meant to put 'theme' in the topic title... I really hate phones sometimes :/
  3. I'm wanting to rebase my McMourning crew and repaint them all as I did most of them about 2 years ago however Im struggling to come up with interesting basing ideas that also fit the fluff. I'd like to avoid the whole surgery/lab theme as its a really common theme. Do anyone have any other themed but also interesting/fun ideas?
  4. Kriltic

    New Strategy ideas

    So I was talking to a friend about possible new Strategies that could maybe be added to the Gaining Grounds pack (after some testing etc). He felt new, interesting ideas were a little more difficult to come by so I had a go and came up with the two following ideas; apologies for them been wordy as I cant upload images atm and I havent had chance to look into reducing the amount of text properly just yet. At the moment neither have been tested as I felt some fresh eyes may be better at looking for obvious errors before play testing properly... So without further a do Strategy 1: Relay *A rogue Soul Stone Miner has been spotted and its unearthing valuable soulstones for anyone to grab and thats just what you plan to do.* Set up: Place a 30mm marker in the centre of the board. Then place 2 30mm markers 6" away on either side. Finally place 2 more 30mm 6" from the table edges along the centre line. Marker order: After board edges have been selected, the player that did not decide on table edges may nominate either of the markers closest to the board edges as 1. The others are numbered 2-5 moving in numerical order away from the first marker. Chasing the miner: At the start of turn 2 before anything else is done, place a 30mm soulstone marker on the counter numbered one lower than the current turn counter. Any model may move into base contact with a soulstone marker and take a (1) Interact action to pick it up. Scoring VP: As soon as a soulstone marker reaches the deployment zone of the player whos model currently controls the marker, that player scores 1 VP and the marker is removed. Only 1 VP per player may be scored that turn. Moving the soulstone marker: A model carrying a soulstone marker may not move more than 5" per walk action for any reason and may not declare a charge action. If a model carrying a soulstone marker is moved, pushed, placed etc it instantly drops the marker in base contact before it is relocated. Models killed, sacrificed or buried will also drop the marker in this way. A model carrying a soulstone marker may take the following Interact action as long as it is not engaged and may not use it outside of its own activation. Pass: Move control of the soulstone marker to anither friendly model with 3" and LoS. Friendly models within 3" of a model controlling a soulstone marker may take the following Interact action while not engaged and may not take it outside of its own activation: Catch: This model may take a soulstone marker from another friendly model within 3" and in LoS. Strategy 2: Take it alive! *Theres something you need and you need it alive. Doing so will show the other gangs you mean business and you arent afraid of anything.* Place 2 50mm markers 9" from the centre, on the centre line. These markers are considered to be Ht3 and Impassable Both players cut their decks, the player with the highest card can choose which marker will be their objective and the remaining becomes their opponents objective. The objective your crew is capturing will be considered an enemy for all intents and purposes except when determining if a model is engaged or not. Capturing the Beast: If you have 2 or more significant models within 3" of your objective you score 1VP (max 1 per turn). Moving the Beast: At the end of the turn after determing VP. If you have 2 or more models within 3" of your objective than your opponent does, you may move the objective upto 3" in any direction in the same way as a model declaring a walk action. This move will not trigger disengaging strikes. The Beast fights back: Once VP have been determined that turn and after Moving the Beast has been looked at. This marker will strike at all enemy models within 3" and LoS. Use the following profile: Ml5 1/2/3. This duel may be cheated as normal. Sorry for the long post and hopefully this all makes sense. If not ask away and Ill try to fix any issues and answer any questions!
  5. Kriltic

    McMourning and Co. Tactica

    I'm sorry I've not updated this in a while. Sadly real life hasn't left me with much time to add more. Hopefully in the next few days I'll be able to add some more entries.
  6. Kriltic

    Shenlong advice

    Wow, I didn't realise you use up all the stacks of focus in one go. I always thought you can lower it a stack at a time. Thanks for pointing that out! Certainly makes me more comfortable swapping upgrades and summoning a Peasant with his (0) actions now.
  7. Kriltic

    Shenlong advice

    Yeah they have an ability called 'Laborers' that lets you hire up to two of them. Hmmm the upgrade switch thing does seem pretty useful. Do you not find losing the 2 (0) actions to be an issue when it comes to building up focus and other conditions? The 4SS could be pretty useful although I'd probably look to another Low Monk for objectives/tying models up (I prefer to run more themed models when possible).
  8. Kriltic

    Shenlong advice

    I'm looking for a new Master that isn't a Resurrectionist and plays somewhat differently from both McMourning and Nicodem. Shenlong caught my eye but sadly there's not much in the way of tips, tricks and advice for him. I'd prefer to get a better grasp of his rules and play style before putting him down on the table. I was wondering what upgrades people take and what models work best with him? Also how do you use him? Does he have any tricks I should be aware of that help/augment his in game performance? I was looking at running the following list when I get chance, although I'll also have Archers, TT Brothers or Torakage to swap in if necessary. Shenlong 7SS cache -Words of the River -High River Style -Misdirection Sensei Yu -Promising Disciple -Low River Style 2 Peasants 2 Monks of the High River Fermented River Monk Monk of the Low River The Lone Swordsmen -Recalled Training The idea for turn 1 is to see Shenlong gain at least Focus 4 and Burning 2 from his (0) actions and the Peasants to make sure he hits hard once he gets into combat with a large stockpile of Focus for him to use.
  9. Kriltic

    Ryle & Targeting Systems

    Has anyone had much fun with this upgrade at all? While his Hydraulic Fist coupled with a SS and High Ram will certainly leave a bitter taste in his targets mouth. I was looking more at combining it with his Modified Steam Gatling Gun since he can simply keep firing as long as he damages and has a fresh target. Is this something people regularly get a free shot or two with? Would combining this with Vengeance Bullet be worth the effort/cost? I'm looking at a few different combos for Hoffman and sadly I can't really have both a Peacekeeper and Ryle if I want a reasonable model count (so for Reckoning this wont be an issue XD ). Basically, is the Peacekeeper better than Ryle more often than not?
  10. Kriltic

    McMourning and Co. Tactica

    Update to first post - Changes- Things to ask your opponent before a game (top of page), Minor Expunge update (mentions only equalling the opponents total is needed to apply full effects), Update to Strategies (Reckoning), Sebastian's entry. Minor change in formatting (hopefull a little easier to read). Sadly it seems the format change has had no visable effect :/ haha just my luck! I apologise for the slow pace but as I said originally, its taking a fair amount of time to write each entry but I will get it all finished! Hopefully I will get the Chihuahua and Rafkin (possibly the Nurse as well) done in the next few days. Also thanks for the support! Once I have all the entries added I will attempt to edit the format again and make them all more alike in style (even if that doesn't make sense for McMourning! XD ) I'll correct any spelling errors and add any extra bits of info I've left off or come across since writing it. Also once completed I will look into asking a moderator to sticky the thread assuming enough people are interested in such a thing? KALKRIS... McMourning would probably make a hand with all the fingers replaced by thumbs, simply to use it to give himself 5 thumbs up! XD I also suspect out there somewhere is a poor individual who was the failed experiment relating to the phrase 'eyes in the back of your head'. haha
  11. Kriltic

    McMourning and Co. Tactica

    This post is just so I have a bit of breathing room given the length of the first post
  12. So, I apologise for the delay for this and that it is not fully completed, sadly real life and uni work gets in the way :/ Still that said, its talking a fair amount of time to get things written up properly. Both the notes and simply typing up is taking a rather long time. Anyway, here is the first part of my tactica/run down for McMourning. It's mostly about the model's themselves with a bit of how they interact with one another. As a heads up I'll be adding to this post as I get chance with little extras and new entries for the missing models (basically for a while it will be a 'living' tactica). The models included will be McMouring, the Zombie Chihuaha, Sebastian, Rafkin, Nurses, Flesh Contructs, Rogue Necromancy, Guild Autopsies, Canine Remains and Mindless Zombies along with any relevent upgrades... And, if this goes well enough I'll have a look into doing the same sort of thing for Nicodem if people are interested in it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, McMouring and Co. are all about Poison. However you look at it he uses, abuses and makes your opponent cry with Poison and its slow but relentless damage. You will learn to love the Infect Trigger and the fact everything in your crew has it or has its equivialent. The other thing to keep in mind is that your crew has, at best, average Wp and Df at 4 or 5. This means speed, raw damage and healing/large Wound pools are your crews strengths. So with that in mind we can take a look at the models you will likely be using. Things to ask your opponent before turn 1 starts - How many Soulstones do you have? - Something you should always do but more so for McMourning as this will determine how much effort you should put into killing Soulstone users via poison (and Induction). Lower caches means your poison shenannigans will have a greater influence over all the enemy models. Do you have any condition removal abilities or actions? - If you plan to poison things then you need to know where the counters are. Either eliminate them entirely (preferably via Poison for a more humourous death.) If killing them is not as practicable them make sure not to stack large volumes of Poison on any given model. This will make removing poison a more trivial action until the fighting starts fully (usually turn 2/3). Do you have any Hard to Kill models? - This makes the model less of a target for Expunge. Avoid targeting these models unless no other targets are available and try to make sure the Expunge drops them to their last wound for the Poison condition to kill off. Do you have any models immune to condtions or poison? - Obviously this means do not bother attempting to kill them via poison. You'll have to kill them the old fashioned way! Dr McMourning So, if you look at his stats on the front of his card you will see that statswise everything is pretty average, except his Wounds which is the joint highest in the game at a fairly large 14. This means he can take a large amount of punishment before going down, especially when you look at his other defences such as Hard to Wound, Soulstone use and Organ Donor. That said, while durable, he is not invincible and should not be thrown in to the middle of an enemy crew, not lightly anyway. His cache is a fairly respectable 4 meaning he can spend most of his stones on his crew. That said I find running a pool of 6-7 stones is usually a good idea as you will likely need to share the pool with Sebastian. Sometimes you may find in some games you only need 4-5 and in other all 7, I play it safe and make sure I have plenty to work with. How you use your stones may vary depending on playstyle or opponent so it makes it difficult to suggest how to best use them. I usually find they are best saved for drawing cards and damage preventions. So, looking at his abilties Catalyst - This makes models take poison damage when they activate. Don't forget this as its a great way to get free damage on nearby enemies! Trick number 1 (With Moonlighting) - If you or your opponent have a model with 1 (or 3 near Sebastian) wound/s left, if you can, try to poison it and either let it activate or wait until the end of your turn and turn it into a free Canine Remains! This can be more amusing when you turn big models, Masters or other Canine Remains into a new Canine Remains. Trick number 2 - Use Catalyst to heal models with Embalmed or Mithridization. When they activate the poison damage will tick, thus healing them for a wound instead. - Be aware that this will burn through any built up poison or poison from embalmed very quickly! Trick number 3 - Poison is a great way around Hard to Kill, Catalyst gives you another chance to finish off such annoying models who are near death just in case you fell short with your attack and 1 point of poison damage just isnt enough. Precise - Allows him to ignore Armour and Hard to Wound A good thing to remember is that this works with ANY Attack Action and not just with his Surgical Impliment attack. This means Expunge will ignore any Armour that would otherwise save a model from it's typically lethal level of damage. Do not think that this makes McMourning an ideal hunter for anything with Armour, unless the target is heavily poisoned as his damage track is not that high. Instead, make sure the target has a large amount of poison sat on them and let them die to Expunge and poison. Hard to Wound - Gives a negative flip to damage flips. A nice defensive ability that usually means he can save his Soulstones for other things. Organ Donor - Allows McMouring to heal a number of wounds equal to the damage he inflicts with Ml attacks (max 5 wounds per turn). This is one of the main reasons McMourning is so resilient. When low on wounds attempt to engage an enemy and regain a few body parts and wounds from them. If you have Moonlighting, try not to kill the target but lower their wounds enough that Expunge will kill them. That said, don't get caught up on having McMouring try to heal himself if he is in no danger and still has most of his wounds. If he is already in combat thats fine but don't actively spend AP attempting to engage enemies purely to heal. Now on to the back of his card and his actions. Surgical Implements - A high Ml but a low/medicore weak and moderate damage spread. Has the Infect (poison +1 with a crow built in) and This One's Ready (Push into base contact with target, needs a mask) triggers. As mentioned before, this is how he heals himself while also spreading low levels of poison. When combined with his Evidence Tampering upgrade, it is a great way to have McMourning 'teleporting' around while also healing. While his damage track is only 2/3/6 when combined with poison 1 you can think of it as more like 3/4/7 or if Sebastian is near by 5/6/9 - The damage can be increased further but I don't wish to complicate things too much. Rancid Transplant - Target gains poison 2 and for every undead model within 3" the target gains another poison 2. Beware though as this will damage the nearby undead models. This also comes with the trigger This Ones Ready. Trick number 1 - When combined with the Skin Graft upgrade this can be used to poison the target ready to be Expunged but also will damage nearby enemy models as they are given the Undead characteristic. And don't forget this bonus damage is irresistable so if enough enemies are nearby use it on the target 3 times for maximum damage before Expunging the target. Trick number 2 - This allows McMourning to quickly build up a large amount of poison himself to Expunge rather than relying on other models. Most people forget the he doesn't need someone with Transfusion to help him hand out poison. Trick number 3 - This action has the This Ones Ready trigger, if you have a mask in hand and want to engage the target or move about the board while handing out poison then cheat in a high mask or card with a stone to push into base contact. This can give you an extra 3" of movement over a walk action ontop of the other advantages such as poisoning models and escaping unwanted combats. - Don't forget you can target friendly models if you wish to flee combat without the risk of your opponent stopping you. Trick number 4 - Should McMourning wish to quickly move around for a scheme (such as Entourage) and his normal walk isn't enough (and a Nurse isn't near by) then this is a great way to get around. You can use your own models as targets to fill in the gaps when an enemy model isn't quite in range. Expunge - Target suffers a number of wounds equal to the amount of poison on them (max 9 then drops the condition by 9). Also, you only need to equal the opponents final duel. Beating it by 5 has the same effect as beating it by 1, the full damage will still be applied. Expunge is the Yin to Rancid Transplants Yang. Clearly these two were made for one another. This is the (0) action you want to aim for each turn and make sure whatever poor model is Expunged, has enough poison (or low enough wounds) to be killed instantly by this spell. Trick number 1 - I only use this if no other option is possible but if your opponent has no way to remove the poison condition then Expunge is a great way to kill Hard to Kill models (that have 10 or less wounds). If you put at least poison n (n= targets number of wounds +1) on them then they are as good as dead. - This trick assumes there is no healing or condition removal which is why I only use it as a last resort. Injection - Pushes target upto its walk, gives it poison 2 then drops a scheme marker. A (0) action that is commonly overlooked (including by myself) and as you will see, it has a lot of uses! This is usually the (0) action I use the least but thats not to say it doesn't have its uses. If using Expunge turn 1 isn't possible then this is the (0) I look to, mostly just as another way to poison a model some more and get a little extra movement out of said model. This can be a useful ability to complete various schemes as it effetively allows McMourning to drop 2-3 scheme markers in a single activation - This is a great action for completing A Line in the Sand for example. Trick number 1 - This can be a useful ability to pull/push models into or out of situations. Had a model lured too far away and it's about to get jumped? Simply Inject it and have it push itself back towards your other models. It's a great way to catch opponents off guard as most people forget this ability even exists. Trick number 2 - Sort of an extention to the first trick but if you're opponent has Distract or Cursed Object you can Inject the model with the condition and move them out of combat so they can attempt to remove said condtion. Trick number 3 - Don't forget you can target Insignificant models as Inject isn't and Interact action, you simply drop a marker. This is also a good way to have 2 markers dropped next to one another should space/positioning be tight. Trick number 4 - This can allow a model to drop a scheme marker in the middle of a group of enemies or near the enemy master for schemes such as Spring the Trap or Plant Explosives while looking like you are attempting to engage said enemies. Trick number 5 - This can allow a model to quickly Deliver a Message rather than having to engage the enemy master and survive a turn to do so. So, onto his upgrades. Moonlighting - Can hire upto 4 Guild Guards or Lawyers, allows Flesh Constructs to be summoned via Expunge and Canine Remains via things dying due to poison nearby.... Simply put its a must take upgrade and a bargain at only 1SS! Abra Cadaver! Turns Expunge from a nasty spell to a downright dirty spell and pushes it into an even more powerful (0) action. The free Flesh Contruct from Living/Undead models is just a great bonus and why you want to be attempting to kill at least 1 target a turn with Expunge. Trick - This combines very well with the Skin Graft ability from Plastic Surgery as it will allow you to turn anything into a Flesh Construct. Road Kill Scholar is a nice passive ability that gives you a free Canine Remains for every Living/Undead model that dies due to poison. This combines nicely with Catalyst and Induction (from Sebastian) and should a viable target come up it gives the Zombie Chihuahua something to aim for! Plastic Surgery - Allows him to give models the Undead characteristic and to push upto 5" when he suffers damage due to poison. This is a situational upgrade and one I probably overlook more than I should do but it is a very useful upgrade in the right game. Skin Graft combines very well with the trigger Abra Cadaver! from Moonlighting (as described above). It also allows McMouring to damage enemy models with Rancid Transplant which would otherwise be immune to (again as described above). Thats the Stuff - A great way to move around for a single point of damage. If McMourning activates near Sebastian it can potentially allow him to push 10" in a single turn... Combine that with his normal walk and thats 25" in a turn... And he could travel even further with the right Rancid Transplant and Scalpel Slinging targets! Trick number 1 - This is a great way to allow McMouring to complete various schemes that require movement or scheme markers to be dropped as he can gain increased movement speed or can save more of his actions for dropping markers. Trick number 2 - This can also allow McMourning to push out of danger or away from models wishing to attack him or used short ranged abilties and allow other models to deal with said threats while he goes elsewhere. Trick number 3 - Should you also have the Evidence Tampering upgrade, this can allow McMourning to steal scheme markers at the end of the game with a cheeky last push denying precious VPs to your opponent and possibly claiming some for yourself in the process. This can potentially allow him to steal scheme markers 9". Evidence Tampering - Allows him to claim all scheme markers within 4" of himself at the end of the game and gives him access to his signature Scalpel Slinging action. I probably take this upgrade far too much and don't end up using it much either. Evidence Tampering lets him claim scheme markers allowing him to deny an opponent their scheme while possibly allowing you to complete your own. This also combines with the ability Thats the Stuff (as described above). Scalpel Slinging - A 6" ranged Surgical Implements attack action which is a (0) action, and don't forget he has access to both his Infect trigger and This Ones Ready trigger. This gives McMourning upto 4 attack actions a turn and another action that can allow him to move about the board without using an AP for walking. Spare Parts - While not specifically a McMouring only upgrade I feel it suits him more than most other Masters. This allows the summoning of Guild Autopsies and the powerful Rogue Necromancy. I have started taking this upgrade instead of Plastic Surgery but I haven't used it much. Both of the the following abilities require corpses which McMouring has very little interest in and so can result in the potential to summon a Rogue Necromancy fairly quickly. Of the two options only Masterpiece is worth spending a Soulstone on (for the crow). Good Enough for Governement Work would only be worth the Soulstone should you still have a fair few left turns 3/4/5. Good Enough for Government Work - Allows the summoning of Guild Autopsies, for a corpse, which allows McMouring to actively summon in additional significant models that doesn't entirely rely on enemy models. Trick number 1 - Brings in poison 5 ready for someone to Transfuse. Trick number 2 - This can allow McMourning to summon a model and then inject them to push and drop a scheme marker (especially useful as this would take him 3AP rather than 1AP and his (0). Trick number 3 (beta) - Allows for easy summoning of Sim-29 (who is still in beta) using up their poison. Masterpiece - Allows the summoning of the Rogue Necromancy at the cost of a (2) and 4 corpses. This allows McMouring to summon in a new beatstick. Given his lack of interest in corpses having 4 to spare will not likely be an issue nor will miss them. Don't forget you can place the model in base contact with any of the corpses, this gives the Rogue Necromancy a huge threat range given the base size and its melee range. Unknowable Pain - allows other models to push their Cg towards a model which damages it (requires a mask). Not something I would give McMourning and considering its limited use its not something I've considered much either. Decaying Aura - Prevents healing and damage prevention from Soulstones within a 4" aura A very strong upgrade but not one I have actually used on McMourning however it is a strong option and one to consider highly should you decide to play McMourning as a more Beatstick master. Transfusion - Tranfers poison from a model to the target... This is NOT something McMourning himself wants to be taking due to it being a (0) action and he already has 2/3 really strong options already. Possible ways to use McMourning. The Poison Bomber - Using Rancid Transplant (along with other models Infect triggers, the Horrific Odor ability from the Zombie Chihuahua and poison from Embalmed models) to spread poison to all enemy models and high levels of poison to 1 model each turn to be Expunged. This allows a ticking of 1-2 (or 3-6) points of damage each turn due to poison on any model targeted and that comes near McMourning or Sebastian. This damage combined with that that comes from Canine Remains and Guild Autopsies can quickly become too much for most crews and typically sees their models die very quickly. This method however does require some set up and should an opponent realise what you doing will attempt to counter this by focusing on Sebastian and/or McMourning. For this style I would take Moonlighting, Spare Parts and another upgrade of your choice along with a Nurse, Sebastian with Transfusion and Those Are Not Ours! and the Zombie Chihuahua along with some Canine Remains and Guild Autopsies. Possibly Rafkin with Decaying Aura or Transfusion. The Melee Beatstick - Mostly using Surgical Implement attacks and either Scalpel Slinging or Expunge to kill models up close and personally. This will require a cache of 6/7 to keep him alive longer and to make sure he has the right cards. You will likely want to keep high masks for when you need him to push into another target via Scalpel Slinging or Rancid Transplant should the target be further away or a possible Expunge target. Expuning a target also works for the Beaststick McMourning on low wound targets. Sebastian is still a great piece and worth taking to take full advantage of the poison that will still be getting handed out. Using McMourning as a Beatstick will draw a large amount of attention to him and so most Stones will likely be used to reduce damage in order to let him heal some of the damage and kill another model. For this style I would take Moonlighting, then either Plastic Surgery or Evidence Tampering or Decaying Aura or Spare Parts to taste. Sebastian would also be back with the same upgrades as would the Nurse and Zombie Chihuahua. Rafkin would be used with Decaying Aura should McMourning not use it. Canine Remains, Guild Autopsies and Flesh Constructs would fill the rest of the crew. Obviously theres somewhere in between the two which is where I feel lies his true strength. He can switch between the two quite easily and adapt to any given situation. My preference is to start with the Poison Bombing style and to slowly use him as more of a melee beatstick as the game prgresses and the number of models drops (thus making Rancid Transplant less effective). As such I usually take Moonlighting, Sebastian with Transfusion, Rafkin, a Nurse, the Zombie Chihuahua and Guild Autopsies and Canine Remains and other upgrades depending on the enemy faction and the Strategy and Schemes being played. Strategy and Schemes for McMourning; Overall very balanced with no real weaknesses. Strategies - McMourning can play equally well with all 5 of the Strategies but he has a particular fondness for Turf War due to the fact enemies have to come to the middle in a small area which allows him to maximise the effectiveness of his poison tricks. However this does mean you will likely need to protect Sebastian as this will make him a high priority target for most opponents. His weakness is Reckoning due to Poison kills not counting towards his crews kill count. Don't let your opponent use this against you! Schemes - Again McMourning can complete all of the Schemes without any real difficulty and has a fondness for those that require killing (Make them Suffer), scheme markers (A Line in the Sand or Plant Explosives) or movement (Entourage). However he does have issues with Frame for Murder (due to Expunge or Surgical Implements) and Deliver a Message (if playing as a Melee Beatstick). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sebastian As with McMourning, Sebastian has fairly average looking stats, including his wounds. However, don't overlook his Height of 1 (no pun intended!) this means he needs to be placed carefully to maximise his Catalyst and Induction abilities and to pay careful attention to anything with Devour. Sebastian is a model who is typically ignored by opponents who have yet to face him due to his lack of any direct level of damage, while those who have fought against him before will know the true level of damage he is capable of, that said he is an excellent choice for Bodyguard and having a Nurse stick close to him ususally results in him surviving most games, that said I find being slightly more cautious with him is a good idea, he is good but not that good! A good thing to remember is his small height means he can safely hide behind most other models taller than himself until his more destuctive abilities are needed. As a side note, I typically find myself spending most of Sebastian's AP simply moving into useful positions to make the most of Induction, Catalyst and Transfusion. Occasionally Under Cover if its appriopriate. Simply put Sebastian is typically all about passive damage (augmenting poison) rather than aggressive damage (i.e using his Bonesaw or Bloody Harvest) although this is possibly due to my style of play. His abililties; Catalyst - This makes models take poison damage when they activate. Don't forget this as its a great way to get free damage on nearby enemies! Trick number 1 (Usually combined with Induction) - If your opponent has a model with 1/3 wounds and at least Poison +1 (without Regen +1) it is usually best to walk up to said model and allow the model to kill itself when it activates (usually forcing your opponent to try and save it should said model be worthwhile). This is especially useful against more powerful/expensive models and if McMourning is nearby with the Moonlighting upgrade even better - Be aware that this will likely further increase the size of the target sign clearly aimed at him. Trick number 2 - Use Catalyst to heal models with Embalmed or Mithridization. When they activate the poison damage will tick, thus healing them for a wound instead. - Be aware that this will burn through any built up poison or poison from embalmed very quickly! Trick number 3 - Poison is a great way around Hard to Kill, Catalyst gives you another chance to finish off such annoying models who are near death just in case you fell short with your attack and 1 point of poison damage just isnt enough. Trick number 4 - This will allow McMourning (with Plastic Surgery) to gain a free push at the start of his activation (not just at the end of the turn) as Catalyst does not effect the model with the ability, despite being an aura. Hard to Wound - Gives a negative flip to damage flips. A nice defensive ability that usually means Sebastian can save his Soulstones for other things like damage prevention. Induction - This increases the damage from the Poison condition from 1 to 3. This does combine with Catalyst however the range on Induction is slightly lower and thankfully it doesn't effect friendly models, this means models unlucky enough to be caught in his Induction and Catalyst ranges can take upto 6 damage a turn from poison. Also don't make the mistake I did and miss off the word 'friendly' when reading this ability. Risk vs Reward - This ability has a risk/reward style of play. You can either run Sebastian into a group of Poisoned enemies to make them suffer damage upon activating. This increases the level of damage the enemy sustains that turn but usually makes Sebastian the number 1 priority and you will likely have to spend several Soulstones to prevent damage and have a Nurse heal him. The safer way is to run him into a group of Poisoned enemies at the end of a turn once they have all activated. This results in less damage in the short term but it will allow Sebastian to do more damage or board control in the long run. Unnerving Aura - If you take Unnerving Aura this will further increase his threat level and can promote either playstyle although moving him into range as soon as possible will likely result in most models dying at the end of the turn, should they be unable to escape his Aura's. Accomplice - Another model can activate after this model. Always a strong ability and should not be overlooked! Trick - This is a great way around crews with condtion removal. Should Sebatian be able to use Transfusion (assuming the upgrade is taken) to transfer a lethal level of poison to a target, using Accomplice on McMourning will allow him to Expunge the target before the poison can be removed. This takes some minor set up but for the most part shouldn't deviated too much from how you would be playing, the main difference is to not send McMourning too far up and to be more cautious with the model carrying all of the poison (making sure the enemy can't remove it before Expunging the target). Sebastian's actions; Bonesaw - A fairly standard Ml and damage track. Although it does have the Infect trigger built in. Trick - Should you hit the target, they will automatically receive the Poison +1 condtion as Infect doesn't need any damage to be inflicted. When you combine his damage track and the poison he gives out (when combined with Induction) his damage track is closer to 5/6/8 for his first attack. Should he get a second crow in the duel it becomes closer to 8/9/11 if the enemy has yet to activate and fails to move out of his Induction aura. This means Sebastian is no slouch in combat and can certainly dish out plenty of damage, although this won't always be the optimim way to use him. Under Cover - Puts enemy attack actions with the gun icon on a negative flip although it needs a 4+ of crows to use. Trick - Assuming you have the low crow (as spending the Soulstones is usually not worth it), have Sebastian move up and use this ability to help defend against incoming attacks, if possible behind (hard) cover to make sure Sebastian is safe (due to a double negative flip assuming if using hard cover). Don't forget that his lasts until his next activation so place him well! You want to be able to leave him there as long as possible. Be aware, using this will likely result in the enemy focusing their shots, thus negating Hard to Wound and the negative flip. This has the advantage of less attacks and AP spent elsewhere but means they are more likely going to be able to cheat their damage flip, possibly taking out an importantly placed model. Bloody Harvest - Enemies take a Df 8 + number equal to poison condition (on Sebastian) duel or suffer 4 damage. Max duel total is 17, although for most models this is high enough to be practically auto-damage (most models will need a 12+ to pass). Situational and needs some set up (as too little poison results in too low a TN for its victims) but can result in a lot of dead models if you or your opponent aren't careful as this effects both friendly and enemy models alike. Trick number 1 - Should McMourning be unable to Expunge a target that turn, having Sebastian use Transfusion on himself to stack the poison bomb onto himself (Poison will likely be between 8-14). And walking into a large group of enemies before using Bloody Harvest (or using it twice should he be already there) will likely result in 4/8 damage to all models in range. Trick number 2 - A continuation from trick 1. If Sebastian started his activation in a prime position to use Bloody Harvest once/twice and already had the Poison he needed. He can end his activation be simply attempting to Transfusion his Poison onto another model to avoid taking further damge himself. This can either be a Expunge target, or a friendly model with Embalmed/Mithridization. Sebastian's Upgrades and Upgrades to consider; Transfusion - Transfers poison from one model to another, including the caster. This is must take for Sebastian even though it is not his personal upgrade, it gives him a VERY useful and powerful (0) action that is good at catching people out due to the ability to double walk and Transfuse models upto 18" away. Also, you only need to equal the opponents final duel. Beating it by 5 has the same effect as beating it by 1. Trick number 1 - This can allow you to set up a target full of poison without using McMourning's AP to do so, ready to be Expunged. This is typically the primary use of this ability. Trick number 2 - This can allow you to pass around poison to a low wound model that poison will kill off, thus removing an enemy model and should McMourning be nearby, can allow him to summon a Canine Remains... This also works for friendly model's but targeting enemies is generally better unless you have a poor control hand. Trick number 3 - Sebastian can pass around poison to models nearby that are a threat and simply need reducing in wounds (3/6 depending on whether they have activated.) Trick number 4 - Allows Sebastian to pass poison around to help friendly models heal/stop friendly models taking poison damage. This also can be used to pass McMourning small amounts of poison to make furthe use of Thats the Stuff. This will usually be the lowest priority use for Transfusion, however it can be useful in the right circumstances. Those Are Not Ours! - Gives Sebastian a (0) action to sacrifice a friendly Undead model for a Soulstone and card. Also allows Sebastian to summon a Canine Remains from Corpses as a (1) action and a 6+ of crows. While not often used, this upgrade is usually taken as a 'just in case' style upgrade as it has a nice ability to help in various situations. Destroy Evidence - The (0) action. For a 5+ of any suit, this can be a nice little ability in a tight spot. I find it to be useful in 1 of 2 situations Trick number 1 - When playing Reckoning, if a friendly model is nearly dead, Destroy Evidence is a great way to remove the model and the opportunity for the enemy to gain any VP's from it's death. This works in a similar fashion to allowing a friendly model die to poison because of Catalyst. Trick number 2 - If you are on the last turn and either have no Soulstones left, no model to use Transfusion on, and the target will be of no use to the Strategy/Scheme, sacrificing them for a Stone and a Card can allow more damage preventions or + flips to duels etc. This can allow Sebastian or McMourning to complete/deny a scheme. e.g. McMourning gains another Stone to add a mask to an attack action for This One's Ready or Sebastian has another Stone to use for Damage Prevention. Mans Best Friend - Allows Sebastian to summon a Canine Remains. Again situational as it require a mid crow. Usually when using this ability I would only use 6-9 of crows (sometimes a 10) if I have them in hand (or I'll attempt to top deck it if no other options are available). Very rarely will I spend a stone on this spell unless turn 4 I still have 5-6 stones left and need more bodies for schemes. Trick number 1 - This can be a great way (as with all summoning spells) of throwing an opponent off a game psychologically. If they spend 2AP to kill a model and you simply bring it back with a 1 action. Provided only a moderate card is used this can be worth the Soulstone for the crow. Trick number 2 - Don't forget Canine Remains drop the defence of nearby enemy models and the majority of your crew attack against defence. Summoning in a new dog to walk up to an enemy (or 1 charging should they be poisoned) allows other models to target said model much more easily. Including (but not limited to) allowing lower cards to be used/cheated for Transfer and Expunge. Decaying Aura - Prevents healing and damage prevention from Soulstones within a 4" aura A very strong upgrade but not one that I feel really benefits Sebastian as much as it benefits McMourning or Rafkin (who has the strongest affinity with this upgrade). This will allow Sebastian's Induction and Catalyst abilities to work at full strength all the time however I have never been in a situation where I felt I needed it to be even better. Unknowable Pain - allows other models to push their Cg towards a model which damages it (requires a mask). Not something I would give Sebastian and considering its of limited use its not something I've considered much, other possible upgrades are of far more use. Unnerving Aura - Models that start and end within a 3" aura suffer 2 damage. This is oly recently something I have started to look at as a substitute for Those Are Not Ours! This means any model with the Poison +1 or +2 condition will suffer a potentially large® amount of damage for simply activating near Sebastian and should they attempt to kill him and fail, will likely result in their death. This is not an upgrade I have used yet but something that certainly seems like it could be good and a nasty surprise for anyone who forgets about it. Suffering upto 8 damage simpy for starting and ending an activation within 3" of Sebastian sounds fairly nasty. How practical this is in game is something I will need to test and update when possible. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Changes- Things to ask your opponent before a game (top of page), Minor Expunge update (mentions only equalling the opponents total is needed to apply full effects), Update to Strategies (Reckoning), Sebastian's entry. Minor change in formatting (hopefull a little easier to read). Hopefully this will be of some use to people. If it is please let me know and I'll make sure to get everyone else written up asap. If you spot any mistakes (which I have no doubt will be many) then please let me know. And if you have any suggestions of any kind (or want me to write about something in more detail) then again please let me know. I would really appreciate it as I would like this to become something everyone can use Next to come... The Zombie Chihuahua.
  13. Kriltic

    Markers & 'Base Contact'

    Sorry I meant if the marker was dropped using the last Ap. An enemy can walk up and remove it... Same sort of thing for Squat markers. I probably should have explained that a little better. Hmmm interesting. If you can place in underneath your own base, under another model doesn't seem to be too different.
  14. This is something I've been looking at for sometime now and I can't seem to find an answer other than 'Yes you can do it'. I'm hoping I've over looked something... When a model drops a Scheme/Corpse/Scrap Marker... Is there anything that prevents a model from placing the marker underneath itself or another model (assuming the two models were contacting one another)? I ask as Scheme Markers become much easier to defend and prevent enemies from removing them as models with 1" melee ranges cant stop another enemy model with a 1" melee range from interacting with them. Corpse and Scrap markers could be 'hidden' from models so the enemy cannot target them for summoning etc.
  15. I do try XD haha I've not really done anything like this before so I can't say for certain how good it will be but I have a fair amount of experience with McMourning and my tactics usually revolve around exploiting poison using McMournings typical sort of crew. As a heads up I'm told I use him somewhat differently than most players but I have had a lot of success using him so I'm obviously doing something right XD