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Mannequin Beta card clarification/question

Rob Lo

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So, unless something changed that I missed, Mannequins have:


(1) Magician's Assistant: Until the end of the Turn, friendly models within a2
which place a Scheme Marker with an interract Action may place the Scheme
Marker anywhere within 6" and LoS of themselves, not in terrain.
My question is, does the 'anywhere' override the standard 4" Interact limit?
One side says it is still an Interact Action that you're taking, so what it really means is anywhere within 6" that is also 4+" away from existing scheme markers.
The other side says 'dude, it says right there, anywhere within 6 inches!'. 
Also, interact is misspelled?
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It's still an interact action so the 4" rule should still apply. They use of anywhere in the sentence is, to me, a little to broad to claim it can cancel that rule. In fact, I'd probably just remove the anywhere, it doesn't really serve a function. Or if its intendeds to ignore then 4" rule (and Shell Game was changed partly to not let you do that I think) then it should be clear from the text.

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