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Malifaux Night - Hobbies, Demos, Contests, more!! Richmond VA 02/15/2014


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In the spirit of revitalizing the local Malifaux scene, I have decided to make my first event as a henchman something that will attract both new and dormant players.

FTW Games

13176 Midlothian Turnpike, Midlothian, VA 23113

(804) 464-1873

Join me at FTW games for a night of demos (or a game, if you like!), hobbying, and a contest or two. 

I plan on having a nice open discussion on some good hobbies tips for newer painters and players to help everyone get the most out of their Malifaux figures. I will also be discussing a few neat basing techniques.

Once that is done, I plan on having a painting contest. Each person can submit one figure. It does not matter if the figure is metal or plastic, and it can be assembled and primed, but I would prefer if everyone started from a blank slate otherwise. I will have a secret theme for the figures, so this would be a good opportunity to give a paint job to that one figure you can't get a good idea for, or to buy that stand-alone figure that you like aesthetically and have needed a reason to buy. The first prize for this will be a box set of your choice. You can either pick from one of the sets available at the store or we can set up an order plan for you to get one of the new sets that come out at the end of February. True, you wouldn't physically get it that night this way, but we will get it set up and paid for through the store so you just need to come back and pick it up when it is released. 

The demos and games will be fairly lax. Since the Wave 2 ruleset should be locked in on the 10th, I will do my best to have some printouts available if you want to use one of those sets. If enough people show up, I may run a mini-tournament (let's say if at least 8 people show up) offering the same above box set offer as a prize to the winner. 

For the painting contest and the tournament (if it happens), there will be 2nd and 3rd place prizes depending on the turnout. I will, however, have something neat for everyone who shows up.

Finally, I am going to use this night to discuss a more permanant Malifaux league night with everyone. I have some ideas to make the league have some flexibility so that things don't, necessarily, need to be done on the same night every week while giving all who want a chance to participate. More info to come the night of the event. 

Sorry for the eyeful, but I do hope to see everybody there! 

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