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X-Planet Games in Mississauga Ontario, Malifaux League for February


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We will be holding a four week Malifaux Challenge League from February 3rd until March 3rd. The League will be focused on fun and participation and everyone who completes all of their games will receive an in store discount!

Don’t yet have a crew? Purchase one in store and paint it by the end of the League and you will also count as having completed the Challenge.

Whether you’re a Malifaux veteran or a brand new player this is a great opportunity to get some games in under the new edition.

Here are the rules:

Each week we will randomly generate and post an Encounter consisting of a Deployment, Strategy, Scheme Pool and recommended Soulstone limit. Any games played that week will use the generated Encounter. League participants are to play every other participant at least once during the League period. Anyone who completes this challenge will receive a 10% discount off their next Malifaux purchase once the league completes.

Wave 1 Models: All Wave 1 models have cards in the box, in their Arsenal decks and in the rulebook itself. They will be used as printed, with the exception of any cards that have received errata (available online).

Wave 2 Models: All models which have not been published yet will use their stat cards as of the December 31 update. These rules are available online from the Wyrd forums and a printed copy will be available for reference in the store. Any changes to models after this date will not affect how the models will play during the League.

Wave 3 models: Avatars and any other models that become available after December 31st will not be included in the League.

Soulstone Limit: The SS limit each week is a recommended level, if both players agree then any other limit can be set. This is to accommodate those individuals who are just getting into the game.

See you all through the Breach!

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