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Mingafaux - Malifaux League in Munich February - July


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Hey there,

We are going, to start a little League with rising Soulstonecrews from the 22.2. - Beginning of March.

2 Sessions each month, One Game will count for the League.

We'll try to make it a bit based on storytelling.

The two Dates in February will be the 22.02 and the 25.02.

Later on we'll play regularly on the 2. Saturday and the 4.Tuesday. But for sure we'll meet often besides these two fixed dates.

There will be a little prize for the winner of the League ;)

Demos will be given on any of these Days, if interested People show up.

So You can just come, have a look, play a Game with us or get a demo. :)

Looking forward to seeing you at the regular meetings.

More details will follow soon!

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Hey Folk,


In advance to the League we're playing, we're having two or three more Demo- and Preparationnights thins month, so we can start prepared and all knowing the rules :)

We'll meet in the Hohenwarth again.

Gietlstr. 15
81541 München
Phone: 0049 89 6970041

Saturday the 8th around 16:00 - 23:00


And for a Club of (mainly painters) There will be another Demo in the Hohenwarth on Wednesday the 12th from 19:00 till Midnight!


I'm hoping seeing some new faces :)

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