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  1. Hey there Bavarians and Munichlovers, Time for the first Campagne in Munich in Malifaux. After the Success with the League last Spring and Summer, now it's time to test the new Beta rules for the Campagne system and your Skills. We'll be almost the whole Community of Munich, so if you want to join, watch, get in touch with the other Players, want to get a demo, drop by, grab a crew and start playing Like always, we'll play at the Pub, after there is still no Malifaux-supporting Store nearby. Pilsquelle Neuherz Ana Heideckstraße 14 80637 München Deutschland Phone: 089 15893542 We'll start at 19:00 (Some may be there from 17:00 though) till Midnight. Pilsquelle Neuherz Ana Heideckstraße 14 80637 München Deutschland For any questions, contact me Hope to seeing you there, Lagapul
  2. Es ist soweit! Das erste Malifaux Turnier in München ist da! Gespielt wird auf 35Soulstones mit einer fixen Liste. Standartstrategie und die 2 Schemes werden vor jeweiligem Rundenbeginn geflipt. (sollte eine Strategie zum zweiten mal geflippt werden, wird eine neue Strategie geflippt, so dass man keine 2x spielt) Bei der Paarung wird zuerst gelost und dann schweizer System benutzt. Anmeldungen bitte bei T3: http://www.tabletopturniere.de/t3_tournament.php?tid=13887 München - Pilsquelle Neuherz Ana Heideckstraße 14 80637 München
  3. Thanks for showing up yesterday to everybody On Saturday evening, I'll be running some Demos / will be organizing play for others. At the Pilsquelle Adresse: Heideckstraße 14, 80637 München Telefon:089 15893542 We'll start around 19:00 and will be there till Midnight. So drop by, grab a Crew and start a Game or have a look and some discussion about Malifaux
  4. Hey Girls and Guys! There will be a great Demonight at the P3-Stammtisch München! Meet encouraged Painters of Munich, drink some Beer and have an easy entrance to Malifaux tomorrow night! from 18:30 till Midnight! Most of the Munich Malifauxplayers will be there too! Obergiesinger Wirtshaus Bergstraße 5 81539 München Tel.: 089 / 55 05 16 66
  5. Hey there guys and girls, The first League in Munich starts on the 8.3. and again on the 25.03 - both dates are suggested to do the Game for March We'd start at around 15:00. the first Game is 20$$s and Strategie: Turf War Schemes: Line in the Sand, Distract, Assassinate, Outflank, Deliver a Message Leaguerules would be the following: sorry, they are in German - I can translate if someone needs them in English^^ So if you are interested and/or want to join just show up at the Hohenwarth in Munich Gietlstraße 15 81541 München 089 69760041 wirtshaus-hohenwart.de‎
  6. Just a little reminder: There will be Demos given at the Hohenwarth again on the 22. and the 25. of February Saturday from 16:00 Onwards Wednesday from 18:00 till midnight Last Chances to get a Demo before the League starts So Best way to prepare yourself!
  7. Hey Folk, In advance to the League we're playing, we're having two or three more Demo- and Preparationnights thins month, so we can start prepared and all knowing the rules We'll meet in the Hohenwarth again. Hohenwarth Gietlstr. 15 81541 München Phone: 0049 89 6970041 Saturday the 8th around 16:00 - 23:00 And for a Club of (mainly painters) There will be another Demo in the Hohenwarth on Wednesday the 12th from 19:00 till Midnight! I'm hoping seeing some new faces
  8. Hey there, We are going, to start a little League with rising Soulstonecrews from the 22.2. - Beginning of March. 2 Sessions each month, One Game will count for the League. We'll try to make it a bit based on storytelling. The two Dates in February will be the 22.02 and the 25.02. Later on we'll play regularly on the 2. Saturday and the 4.Tuesday. But for sure we'll meet often besides these two fixed dates. There will be a little prize for the winner of the League Demos will be given on any of these Days, if interested People show up. So You can just come, have a look, play a Game with us or get a demo. Looking forward to seeing you at the regular meetings. More details will follow soon!
  9. Hey Guys and girls, There will be another Demonight on Sunday the 15th. Again at the Hohenwarth. We'll start around 15:30 The table right at the Door will be Malifauxtables. If enough people show up we can think about having a tournament soon.
  10. Hey there guys & girls, It's time again for a lovely night in the Pub and for playing Malifaux on the 9th of December Again it will be in the Pub Hohenwarth. I'll be there from 18:30 till midnight. So if you are interested, just show up. No need to bring anything. I'll provide you with everything you need. they offer drinks and food for normal prices. Adress would be Hohenwarth Gietlstr. 15 81541 München Phone: 0049 89 6970041 You won't be able to miss the table with all the Terra Clips and other Terrain, I think Maybe we'll meet again at sunday the 15th, because a friend asked me for a Demo there. so if you are not able to show up on tuesday, you can be there on Sunday afternoon
  11. Hey there People, It's time again for a Demonight in the Pub Hohenwarth in Munich. Wirtshaus (Pub) Hohenwarth München 81541 (Giesing) Gietlstraße 15 Germany - Deutschland Phone: 0049 - 89 - 69760041 It will start around 19:00 on Tuesday 5.11. Leute es ist wieder Zeit für eine Malifaux demo mit Spiel. kommts einfach vorbei und machts mit! Kein Vorwissen nötig und man muss nichts mitbringen außer guter Laune
  12. Hey there Malifolk, On next Wendesday, 23.10.2013 around 19:00 in the Pub Hohenwarth Gietlstraße 15 81541 München 089 69760041 I'll show some People how to play Malifaux. If you want to learn how this game works, too, or you allready know it and want to play or simply want to have a look show up and grab a beer. Servus Leute, am nächsten Mittwoch dem 23.10.2013 im 19:00 wäre ich im Hohenwarth Gietlstraße 15 81541 München 089 69760041 und zeig ein paar Leuten die nach einer Demo verlangt haben wie man spielt. Wenn ihr auch lernen wollt wie man spielt, schon wisst wie man spielt und einen Partner sucht oder aber einen zwangsfreien Blick auf das Spiel riskieren wollt, kommt einfach vorbei und schnappt euch ein Bier
  13. Hey there Guys and Girls, On the 9.10. there will be a Demonight in the Pub Hohenwarth in Munich (Giesing). around 18:30 (maybe a bit later) we'll start, I'll demo as long as there is someone there Hohenwarth Gietlstraße 15 81541 München If you are interested, just show up! There will be some playing, for sure as well. It's free! If there are any questions just contact me! Liebe Mitbayern, Kommt einfach mal vorbei und schauts euch an. Es kostet nix und es gibt gutes günstiges Essen und Trinken vor Ort. Sehr nette Leute und ein paar Freunde von mir kommen auch und werden unabhängig von der Demo auch spielen. Anschauen kostet nix Bei Fragen oder Unklarheiten einfach ne PN o.ä. an mich schicken! Ich freue mich immer über interessierte Leute
  14. Same Thoughts here, One of the best Things of Malifaux is the Card System. Everytime a player is not sure what to do next they check their cards quickly for options. I do the same thing, often. Because you don't have all of the rules and Abilities in mind. Nevertheless you can print out a PDF and use it. Like usually done for the Dreamer or Hamelin. I'd be sad, if I had to buy new Cards for all my old Minis. So I'd love to have a PDF to print out all the used Cards, which have been changed.
  15. ******Got Canceled - Sorry*** There will be another Event in the Shop so I was told we wouldn't get any space. Sorry! I will be running demos on the 03.11.2012. There will be plenty of variety of crews you can pick your minis from for the first game. If you are interested just show up and talk to me (Marcel - the one with the red Malifauxsuitcase). There will be some other "freshers" - so don't be shy! Where? Create & Play Augsburg - Vorderer Lech 43, Augsburg When? 03.11.2012 I'll be there about 14:00 and probably till 19:00 What do you need? Nothing - I'll provide you with everything you need to play Malifaux for this day! _____________ again in German: Am 03.11.2012 werde ich Demos halten. Ich hab ziemlich viele Crews zur Auswahl wo ihr euch Minis für euer erstes Spiel raussuchen könnt. Wenn ihr interessiert seid, oder es schon immer mal ausprobieren wolltet kommt einfach vorbei und sprecht mich an (Marcel - ich hab den großen roten Malifauxkoffer). Es haben sich schon ein paar "Neulinge" angekündigt - also kein Grund schüchtern zu sein. Wo? Create & Play Augsburg - Vorderer Lech 43, Augsburg Wann? 03.11.2012 ich werde ungefähr 14:00 Uhr da sein und vermutlich bis Ladenschluss um 19:00Uhr Was brauchst du? Nix außer interesse und guter Laune - ich werde dich mit allen Materialien für das erste Spiel versorgen.
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