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I've had a few of these floating around for a while now. Thought I'd get round to posting some group shots!

The crew I'm currently playing is Sonnia, and that's actually the only crew I've played since M2E came out. My other three crews, Hamelin, Hoffman and Collodi (in chronological order) are the crews I played back in 1st edition. They've been shelved because of "new toy syndrome". I actually bought most of my Sonnia crew when 1st edition was still around but then my gaming group got caught up in playing Infinity and then Eden (very briefly, not a very well thought out game) and Malifaux got put aside for a while. We've gotten really into Malifaux again since 2nd edition came out though!

You may notice that I tend to paint my crews with very uniform colour schemes. I like it when you put a crew out and they all look quite coherent!

I tried to paint my witch hunters with quite low saturation, so there's a lot of grey mixed in with most of the colours I used. My version of Sonnia doesn't use orange blazing fire in her spells, she uses glowing turquoise arcane energy, which is why the OSL is like that, why I got rid of the flame effect coming out of her hand, and why her totem isn't wreathed in flames. Obviously there are a few proxy models in the crew to represent the exorcist, the purifying flame and a desperate mercenary (though they're a bit useless in this crew in M2E) I also switched out Sonnia's sword for an arcane looking dagger. I still have Sam Hopkins, Francisco Ortega, an Executioner and a witchling handler to build and paint.


Hamelin's crew is pretty straight forward but with a ton of rats from other manufacturers! This was my first crew and was a bit of a pain for my buddies to play against. Looking back I feel a bit bad about it, I don't think many people who played against him had a very good time (especially the gremlins):


Hoffman's jungle expedition. Couple of proxy wardens I built using GW's black orcs as this crew predated the warden release. I also made a proxy Watcher as I really didn't like the official model. Hoffman got himself a flat cap and I removed his walking apparatus to represent his low rate of movement. The guy at the back is Mr. Singh, a proxy model for Joss. I thought it made more sense for Hoffman to have a bodyguard who was from the British Empire. He was actually based on this model, which I greenstuffed over to turn into a Sikh warrior (I was originally going to make something a bit closer to Joss' original concept)


With Collodi I tried to give them a moonlit forest theme, and then make it look like his various dolls and puppets were glowing with OSL. I had just watched Coraline, which had inspired me to go for some bright glowing effects. Sorry, the picture's really shiny, which obscures some of the paint job. Think they need another coat of matt varnish.


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Usual caveat that all these photos are a bit crap and they all look way better in real life!

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