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Northern Italy: Malifaux promo and events at Warcard


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Good Day to everyone!

I opened this topic to show you what is happening from some weeks inside of the shop i collaborate with: Warcard. We are located in the northern part of Italy, near Milan.

It all happened thanks to Luca and Andyp. ( good friends of mine from some years), they came to visit the shop together with some Malifaux material. I have never seen it before and so I was really amused. Thanks to them we are running some events ( 2 a week for now) where we promote the game and show it to all the people visiting the store.

Inside of that topic i'll post all the Photos, events and promo that are going to be in the future. I hope this will be the beginning of a super malifaux adventure and a lot of new italian players for you.

Here there are some photos, i hope you don't mind the Gw scenery, but we don't have the terraclips set yet ^^



a photo of andy enjoying the game


his crew


myself amused by the new discovery


other games




a nekima proxy of luca



the special pandora crew set




Luca very hapy because one of his young nephilim " evolved " in a mature one



that's all for now ^^ maybe someone can explain me how to post entire images on the forum, cause it seems to not accept the files.. even if i try to upload them in jpg.


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We used some proxy models, unfortunately we don't have all models yet and not full painted.

But we're working hard to have an entire crew full painted for the next month.

I've just to finish my Ramos crew with few models still unpainted.

As soon as possible I'll show all my painted models in the proper thread of this forum ;)

Enjoy watching guys!

Hope to play again soon ;)

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If luck gives me a chace, i'll have the 2e Lady Justice and Dark debt crew painted with basic colors at the end of this new week. This means no more proxing at last and full painted crews at my best level for half february.

Thanks for playing again pal, see you next week! If by chance any italian wannabe player steps by this topic, you are welcome at any time in our shop :D I'll demo you right away ^^

Hope to have some new photos for this week to post here.

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another day, another game, this time with another fellow Henchman: Rubbe, that came visiting me to show me the full potential of the game with scheme markers and objcetives. Since now I've seen only the violent side of the game, but today thanks to the game I had with him, my perspective has changed a lot..

Thanks to rubbe now i have a more complete view on the game :)

here are some photos of the game








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Hi there Guys, i'll share with you some photos of the yesterday demo day I made together with Andyp. We recreated the same circumstances of my initiation: Ramos vs. Jucstice crew, and the 2 new boys that tried the game really enjoyed it.. there is a big chance that they'll begin it even if the Guild one had a lot of unlucky turns :)


There is also a pic of my guild crew, at last I receaved all the material, so i'll start demoing all by myself very soon :)


a pic of the material:




and  my overenthusiast reaction to the new arrival:




:D  :D


the match:












People really like the fact that with Malifaux you can really just use the starter crew box for a long time. There are hard times here in italy and few are capable of spending more than a 60-70 euro on a new game, even if awesome. But with Malifaux is really easy to make people begin it, such an awesome blend of quality minis, super game and cheap price.. really nice :)

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Good day to Everyone, 


I wanted to apprise that this thuesday ( 04\02\2014 for italians) I'll be making a Malifaux 2E demo at my local Miniature shop: Ludoteca Warcard


Where it is located? Via San Rocco 49, Seregno ( MB)


Which time? I plan to start at 14.30\15.30 maximum, and finish after some good 2 hours and 20\30 minutes of gaming.


Material provided? Rulebook, 2 Fate decks, 2 crews ( lady justice and dark debts crew), ruler , a nice 90x90 inch table with a lot of painted scenery and some tokens.


Type of game? Easy mode, showing the basic mechanics of the game + struggles and territory control.


Already confirmed partecipants: 2 Guys


I'll be posting here all the photos needed!

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Hi there guys, here's my event report: 


Super fun afternoon with a lot of turn of events and fights, Lady J crew vs Jacob lynch crew. I played Jacob lynch and the boy i was demonstrating the game lady j.. the results? A new player ( his choice was Sonnia creed) for our, for now, little community and a new love for me: I simply can't live without jacob from now on.. I love his brilliance mechanics, also with the hungering darkness! And sincerely I like also the Illuminated ! I never managed to make a marshal take brilliance or something because I was very unlucky, but never the less the match was very nice.


35 soulstones with upgrades too


We started at 14.45, finished at 18 more or less, it took so long because I've explained a lot of aspects of the game and background.


I've also let my self take from the wardrobe an old hat i wasn't using from a long time.. it suits as " malifaux totem" very well for me: my precious hat :D Stay tuned becuase for carnival I'm going to have a malifaux costume.


Here are the ritual photos for today, I hope you apologize me for the yet unpainted crews, I'll have them painted until the end of the month!

















during the game there was another customer of our shop that got interested by the game, i'll have a demo with him this friday or the next week




Jacob surrounded








And the winner was: the Guild player , killed everything except a pineboxed illuminated one. I've managed to kill a marshal and wound a lot of other models XD




a triumphant photo i'll say :D


Thanks to Norberto, Massimiliano and Daniel which took part in playing\observing the demo with me, that's all for now :D


From Warcard over and out

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Heya! A new week for Malifaux demo at Warcard!

This Thursday ( 13\02\2014 for italians) I'll be making a Malifaux 2E demo at my local Miniature shop: Ludoteca Warcard
Where it is located? Via San Rocco 49, Seregno ( MB)
Which time? I plan to start at 15.30\45 maximum, and finish after some good 2 hours and 20\30 minutes of gaming.
Material provided? Rulebook, 2 Fate decks, crews at choice ( lady justice, shadows of red chapel, mother of monsters and dark debts crew), crew cards, ruler , a nice 90x90 inch table with a lot of painted scenery and some tokens.
Type of game? Easy mode, showing the basic mechanics of the game + struggles and territory control.
Already confirmed partecipants: 1-2 Guys
I'll be posting here all the photos :)
@Andy: thx man, you're always welcome at any time ;) I'll have some antitoxin with me hahah
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Hi there guys, as alway here it is my semi " report" of the event day that took place today!


Massimiliano wanted to try the game himself, after having seen part of the match i had with Norberto the last week, so today i demoed him :)


Lady justice by his side, Jacob Lynch for me, i also choose to show the game in a more deep way, because Massimiliano is a veteran player in other miniatures games so a simple " fight" would'nt be enough for him. So we tried the mission system and we picked from the fate deck a choice of Turf war, bodyguard and outflank.


The game went very well with good moments of luck and bad cards for both of us: my darkness got killed very quickly by the hands of the Judge, togheter with a marshal.. but their fighting me gave them brilliance.. so their fate was sealed. I killed a marshall or two and at half the match Justice began to kill a lot of my crew so I was scoring very little points. But the event turned when jacob decided to awake.. he got a little nervous i think.. and began to flip only red jokers and 13, taking rid of justice, the scale and a marshal, togherer with my last illuminated which killed the judge. This, togherer with moving the miniatures to the centre of the table got us a nice match and a victory for me. But the important thing was that Massimiliano confermed his interest in the game and joined our little but growing crew.  


Here are the photos, In 2 weeks i'll receave all the western themed micro arts scenery :D


It may be of your interest to know that all the scenery and tables ( soon also the crews) have been made\assembled and painted by me ^^




























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Hi there! I wanted to show you some photos of the today Malifaux afternoon we had in Warcard. It was unexpected and planned yesterday night.. it may also be that i'll be playing tomorrow too. Malifaux all the days.. that's the way :D hahah


Today i tasted the bitter flavour of Mc mourning's poison.. and well, i lost ( not entirely though) but i really enjoyed the match.. i loved to see how mouring works with his dogs, flesh construct and nurses.. sebastian is really nice with his powers. Well.. i got so enchanted by their game style, but i didn't forget about the game itself.


We got deliver a message, reconnoiter and breakthrough! I've begun to have a better skill in using jacob and his crew, today i've seen a couple of rounds in where Mr lynch has done very nice things.. he's still very fragile, but i think we have found a way to understand each other ahhaha. Besides i have graves and tannen that are waiting to be assembled :)


I lost but it was an earned lost and a very nice afternoon!






the guy with the green cellphone in his hands, will be the next i'll demo the week that is to come :)










Thanks for watching my post! 

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Good Day to everyone!


Yesterday was a very juicy day, demo speaking, I managed to make 2 demos : one in the afternoon and one in the evening, using also one of the new crews i didn't know yet.


Rasputina! She is indeed a very powerful character with a nice crew! It is not so bad for demoing newbies as someone told me, she really reassembles the warmachine arcnode mechanics, so it was simple to explain.


I've demoed Daniel and Michael, to the 22.00 pm, here there are some photos of the match ( a normal brawl, just to show the basic mechanics) and also pics of the rasputina painted crew I'll be using in the store for now ( thx to daniel for having painted them with an airbrush)




















I'll be doing later today a pre event post, i'll do it this friday i think!

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Hi everybody!


This is a new announcement for tomorrow's evening! I'll be doing a Hobby night together with some of the guys that loved the game during the demos of these weeks.


I'll be doing some crew assembly and scenery in preparation for the new " location" i would like to create for malifaux tables: Swamps.


Also if everything goes well with the shipping of the order I made for all the new beginners, we'll be assembling together pandora's, sonnia's, justice and ramos crew :)


Maybe there will be time for a match also, i'll let you know in the future event report!



Official infos:


where? Ludoteca Warcard, Via San rocco 49 Seregno ( MB),  as always.


when? 21\02\2014 at 19.40 till 22.00\22.30 ( if magic the gathering tournaments pull out )


expected attendee: 2-3 people for now.



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Evening Evening people, here it is my Event report about today's hobby night in our little shop :D


Everybody receaved the order as planned, someone took it at home after work, but not Norberto or Andyp. ^^


they came after dinner to me, and we assembled together Sonnia's crew, puppet wars and some Gw goblin's city ( swamp style) scenery. Together with us there were also 2 other guys that I helped in their first assembly of a warhammer figure.. but this is another matter.  I made also some Ice bases with a resin kit, i'll show some photos as soon as they'll be dry!


The evening was very pleasant, thanks to everybody for partecipating! Next time i'll be doing some " how to sculpt flames" tutorial with green stuff.


here are the usual photos




















Another super week :D

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Hi there to everyone!


The last week i had no demo, but I managed to play with the already " converted" guys, and to do some painting and weird staff :D


I plan to dress myself like seamus for carnival, togheter with my girlfriend we'll do a malifaux carnival.. or at least we'll try. Besides from that i played togheter with norberto against his Sonnia creed forces, and friday with Luca, Andy and Norberto in a 4 people match. It was a lot of fun!


jacob vs sonnia




the gun i made for seamus 




and here the 4 people match

















you may find here also some photos of my basepaint guild crew:














now i have 2 painted crews for demos :D


thx for watching, that's all for the old week, stay tuned for the new one! We are even in a new month right now ^^

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Attention citizens of the city of Malifaux! Another Demo day is to come!


When? Wednesday 05\03\2014


Hour? 16.30


Where? Ludoteca Warcard ( as usual) Via san rocco 49, Seregno ( MB)


crews at disposal for playing: rasputina, jacob lynch, justice, seamus, lylith and ramos


partecipation confirmed: 1 person for now.

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