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The Summer of Beerlifaux


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This summer I will be hosting The Summer of Beerlifaux, with our friends over at Guardian Games.

All three Beerlifauxs (June, July and August) will be linked together as one story encounter.

First Event will be Saturday, June 22 at 5pm.

Guardian Games will be the venue. 303 SE 3rd Ave, Portland Oregon, 97214

(503) 238-4000

Here is a bit from the packet:

The Unusual Suspect


• Single Faction (Does not have to be the same each weekend, but it could make the story better)

• System M1.5

• All games Standard Deployment

• Game sizes will vary from game to game.

• Models do not have to be fully painted, but it will make the story more fun. Also, bonus points will be given for fully painted crews towards becoming the “Master of Beerlifaux.”

• Schemes will be Unique throughout ALL THREE EVENTS.

• Beer Baubles are in effect

• Have fun!

Game Setup:

Before the start of the encounter you will need to determine who will be the attacker and who will be the defender. To do this each player will flip a card. The player who flips the highest will be the attacker and will play the Attacker strategy and/or gain the Attacker benefits. The other player will be the defender and will play the Defender strategy and/or gain the Defender benefits. Shuffle your deck and continue setup as normal.

Prizes: Prizes will be raffled off like normal at Beerlifaux.

The Master of Beerlifaux: This summer you will have the honor of battling it out to become The Master of Beerlifaux! During each event, you will be able to earn Story Points. These story points will cumulate and will be counted during the last event, where the person with the most Story Points will be named The Master of Beerlifaux (with a plaque and a special prize). Points will be awarded as thus:

• Play with a Fully Painted Crew (awarded per night)- 3SP

• Play the same Faction during all three events (awarded at the end of the event)-3SP

• Play the same Master during all three events (awarded at the end of the event)-5SP

• Buy the TO a beer (Once per event)- 1SP

Thanks for looking at the post and hope to see you there!

Oh, and a sneak peek of the story:

A lone lantern softly swings from the ceiling in a otherwise dark room. In the center of the room, just behind the light, is a wooden chair. You find yourself strapped to this chair, beaten, bloodied, and broken.

It is a small room. No windows, just a single barred door. You can hear water dripping from the ceiling. Clearly this is a lower cell in the Guild prison. This fact is made even more evident by the two Guardsmen standing in the shadowed corners. You don’t know how long you have been here, or how you got here. All you know is that jaw hurts and that things probably could, and will, get much worse.

The last thing you can remember is jumping off of the train heading towards the breach. As you hit the ground whistles rung out and Peacebringers were fired. You can remember dodging around the corner of a rundown building before darkness set in. And now, you’re tied to a chair.

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