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Premiere Malifaux Demo Event at Kings Games - Brooklyn, NY (6/2/13)


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Who: You!

What: Come down and try out this tabletop miniatures game, set in a steampunk/western/victorian-horror alternate world!

Price: Free!

When: June 2nd, 2013, from 2PM to 6PM


Kings Games

1685 East 15th Street

(Corner of Kings Highway, accessible by the B7 and B82 buses, or by the B or Q trains [Kings Highway station])

Brooklyn, NY 11229

Why: Malifaux has a very rich history despite its overall age, and more importantly, it's fun and unique! Need I say more?

How: When you get to the store, ask where the Malifaux demos are, and you'll be directed to the upstairs gaming area, where you'll meet other interested players, learn the basics, and be pitted against another new player!

NOTE: You do NOT need your own miniatures or supplies for demos. You will be provided with everything you need for the demo.

So, come on down and cheat fate with us!

Link to event page on Facebook:


Hope to see you there! :D

~Lil Kalki

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