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[H] Limited Lord Chumpy and other miniatures of Malifaux


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Hey Guys...

I'm from Germany (only for information), so the shipping costs are a little bit higher than in (your) land/region ect...

I sell this miniatures (via paypal is an option!):


- small Rulebook

- Puppet Deck

- Fate Deck Purple

- Fate Deck Red


- Dreamer

- Lord Chompy Bits

- Coppelius

- 2x Stitched Together

- Pandora (alternate sculpt)

- Baby Kade

- Teddy

- Candy

- Doppelganger

- 3x Alps

- Insidious Madness

- 3x Daydreams

All models are complete and with their stat cards. some of the cards are laminated.

i bet the whole package because 1 or 2 miniatures alone make no sense...

ALSO I HAVE THE limited Lord Chompy Bits (the model with the dreamer on his shoulder)

For this model you can bet, but only real bets please!

Here are some pics...







- Crooked Men

Sorry for my bad english... ;)



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I payed 160€ for him...

I will charge 120€ + shipping

On ebay the LCB is expensive (about 200 Dollar / 150€)... so I think my price is good...

What do you think?

For all of my Neverborn together, I can make a special price, too... Then the discount is huge. For all of them (including the limited LCB I will charge 200€).


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