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Demo Game at Carronade, Graeme High School, Falkirk 5-May-2012


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St Aidans Warriors gaming group are pleased to announce we will be playing a demonstration game of Malifaux at Carronade 2012 entitled "There's Something Wyrd Down in the Sewers..."

The intention is to showcase not just our club, but also the game of Malifaux to a new audience. To that end, does anyone know if Wyrd have any promotional material available for demos - it would be good to be able to hand out flyers or something similar.

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Cheers for the mention Chucklemonkey.

I'll be at Carronade 2012 myself where I will be running intro games (participation games) all day. It will be good to be able to point people to where a game is being played so they can see it in action, rather than being broken down into intro format.

I'll pass along the resources that I have once I finish painting scenery for this damn tournament.

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