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Starting out Puppet Wars


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Hurrah! My Puppet Wars box had arrived yesterday; I was just leaving for university lecture back then but the postman rang the bell and what a happy suprise it was :) Hopefully I'll get to play this weekend though I have some stuff to write for university...meh....

Huh? Please tell me more of this, one of the cards I received has a large white spot on it, so it's pretty easy to recognize -_-''

And some feedback immediately after opening the box: The box itself is bit flimsy like the rulebooks too - they're not that bad, but I would've liked something more sturdy and classy like. The rules themselves seem to be quite clear, I didn't have any problems so far but perhaps the video tutorials helped :D

Excellent! Glad they arrived!

That's lame about the Card. You may want to look into emailing Wyrd about that and seeing what they say because you can't really play with a marked card like that, and sleeving that whole deck is rather pointless. Try sending a mail with a picture of the defunct card in question to: nathan@wyrd-games.net and detail whats up. If they think it warrants a replacement, they'll hook you up :) can't hurt to try.

By replacable he means that they sell them seperately, the Puppet Wars deck of cards that is. So you can buy a new one if one wears out.

As for the Box etc... yeah, it's not as great as we would like. But lets just say things are in the works and thankfully you don't need the box to play the game!

As for the Rulebook, floppy Rule Books tend to last longer then stiff ones I've found. Their binding holds up a long longer and its easier to pin them open etc. But yeah, I would love to see a leather bound Puppet Wars Rule Book XD gold embossing... glossy pictures...

But still... welcome to the war!

Now... PAINT! @.@

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