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Hopping back into the game and need some help


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So I bought into this game when it was originally released and love the models. I've taken a pretty hefty break because of a military deployment and a baby but I would like to get back into it.

I want to stay with the Arcanists since I've gotten my Ramos crew almost fully painted. I also bought the Colette starter when she came out. So anyway, I'ld love some tips on additional models. Here's what I've got:

Ramos starter set

Collette starter

2 additional spider blisters


Convict Gunslinger

So additional items? I know I need some mechanical doves are 2 enough? Totems? Which for Ramos and which for Collette?

Thanks for the help and keep it weird!

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Well, Colette's doves are her totems, and they come 3 to a pack. they are pretty much essential to her.

For Ramos, there is a lot of back and fourth as to the mech assistant and the brass arachnid... personally i don't have either. i use the essence of power (mostly just because i already have it) and it's :+fate to spell damage is sweet with ramos' zappy spell.

Kaeris' box is a good addition to both crews. more so with Ramos, but Colette has some fun shenanagins with Kaeris' flame pillars. and the gunsmiths are just cool as hell. adding some ranged support to a couple crews that are sorely lacking in that department.

for the ss cost, i'm not a fan of Joss... i've used him a few times and he's not bad, but with the Soul Stone Miner and the Large Aracnid out, Joss is just too expensive.

Avatar Ramos is cool, i can't wait to paint him, but at the same time, his play style changes a good bit, so you might read about it before jumping in. For me though, it's an obvious add to his crew. =]

For Colette, you should also look into Angelica, the new showgirl... my gf just got her, and has yet to table her. She looks a bit on the easy to kill side, but she is a pretty good support piece... if somewhat situational.

I don't know if you have this already or not, but The Coryphee are a MUST for Colette. IMHO anyway

I hope this helps!!!!! :D

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Colette's totems and the corphee's are pretty much auto include for her. You might want to get another performer mainly for an extra mannequin because of Colette's spell trigger, but in higher points 3 performers & mannequins is quite fun.

Ramos loves the new soulstone miner and the Steampunk arachnid is good to. Electrical Creation is definitely needed and whichever totem you like. Spiders are generally need about 3 large base and 9 small based if you're going to do his swarm of little ones.

Kaeris has some great synergy with Ramos and Colette but I'd wait till you got used to them before getting help from her.

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Thanks for the help everyone. After the information I made a shopping list of:

Mobile Toolkit


Soulstone Miner

Eletrical Creation

Mechanical Doves


Unfortunately, my local shop only had the Gunsmith and Soulstone Miner so I picked those up and will be placing an order for the rest soon. Time to threadcromancy my old painting thread when I get the new stuff primed.

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