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Adventures into Malifaux

Ace of Spades

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As a long time historical wargamer, I finally snapped in January. If there is one thing that burns out painters more then anything else is having to repeatedly paint nearly identical models in vast quantities.

This is what happened to me last month. After finishing up yet another batch of 28mm Seven Years War models, I had had enough for the time being. I pride myself on not being a speed painter and enjoying every aspect of the hobby, including putting fantastic looking models and terrain on the table. One of the major problems with historical wargaming is you usually need a large quantity of models, most of which happen to be dressed in uniforms, thus all the figures in each unit are identical. Its rather taxing spending a two hour painting session only working on boots and rifles.

All in all, this has pushed me to look for smaller scale games where I can enjoy spending many hours painting up individual models and experimenting with different techniques that normally take too long for mass production of models. I've looked into three different systems: Malifaux, Infinity and Dark Age. Out of the three, Malifaux really struck me as something I wanted to play. I've painted up both Infinity and Dark Ages models and find them a little bit to finicky to be durable and long lasting. Malifaux's game system and setting really appealed to me. The models are fantastic and for the first time my fiancee actually expressed true interest in painting and playing with me.

I picked up two starter boxes at the end of January and I've been slowly working on individual models. First to hit my painting desk was Nicodem's crew box.




I LOVE these models. While Mortimer is not exactly the most up-to-date in terms of gameplay, its a nice model and has a bit more of a 3D pose to it. Nicodem is just plain awesome. I love painting this model and put more time into this single models then most full units with other systems.

Next on the painting rank is a Punk Samurai Zombie (and the two models on the rack after that are all from the three pack that come with it). From there, I might start working on my Colette crew.

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New addition to the crew, Rafkin:


I'm a little torn on how I feel about this model. My paint job is not the best I've ever done, but I'm trying to speed up my painting style to get more models done in time for a local tourney. The sculpt itself is a little... well static. Its not nearly as nice as the Zombie Punk or Mindless Zombies I have waiting for a paint job.

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