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thought trauma

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I think I need more information about in what way you consider him situation so I can tell you how well that matches my experience/perceptions.

As far as what he needs, well yes he does need marionettes and I'd pretty much never even consider running less than the full four. He will of course need other stuff if for no other reason than 4 marionettes only comes to 8 ss :)

Wicked dolls are excellent as they can teleport to where ever Collod is to help with the ambush. Stitched togethers won't be able to keep up with collodi's speed (by a long ways) but are more than capable of operating independently. Plus they are ferociously good models for the cost. The widow weaver is clearly designed to work with collodi. She can help him keep supplied with dolls and also can dish out a bit of hurt on her own. You can also add effigies but personally my favorite effigy (the arcane effigy) is of limited use for collodi simply because it'll get left behind and thus not be able to give him more ap for casting.

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Well one of those situations would be against any of the resserectionists... especially if you have Widow Weaver. Wait for them to set up a corpse trap (littering the field with tokens to use against you) and use them to throw a Teddy their way ;)

And of course it helps that, being constructs, they're immune to all the nastiest spells and abilities

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