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Had my first (sorta)real game of Malifaux. (Kaeris Thread)


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Alright so I talked my brother into running through a game of Malifaux with me, I live in the middle of nowhere, neared not-quite local game store is about an hour away. Etc, etc.

Took about three hours, he used my Lilith crew, I used Kaeris, we played 20ss. I just fielded MS&U Assets, he fielded Lilith's Brood(two young'uns waiting to be grown into) and had a few more soulstones left in the pool than me.

I really enjoyed playing with Kaeris, and Lilith looked like a lot of fun too, but I really enjoy having range, and it was fun blowing his mature nephilim up with Immolate. As much as I love the model for Colette, and love the look of her crew- the aesthetics of the Gunsmith and Kaeris are awesome, and she seems a bit easier to use. I figure I'll also enjoy 'tina and I have her on the way, but I don't like the look as much.


Teach me how to burn stuff? I was thinking about getting Iggy when he is released to spread the burn. I also kinda like the idea of a Large Steampunk Arachnid for somewhat inexpensive melee ability, executioner for some super melee action, and maybe the soulstone miner just because.

Also: Holy, comma splices, Batman!

Edit: Oh yeah, those models I mentioned I am thinking about adding to my collection, not list building, if I were to have a 25ss list I would probably go Kaeris, 2x Fire Gamin, 2x Large Arachnids, Gunsmith, SS Miner, maybe dropping a Gamin for a few more than 0 SS.

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At 25ss take 2 Fire Gamin, 2 Gunsmiths, and a Soulstone Miner. Your list will -usually- consist entirely of Fire Gamin, Gunsmiths, and Soulstone Miners. I.E. At 25ss you can go 2 Fire Gamin, 2 Gunsmiths, and a Soulstone Miner.

And, take a look here.


It has a lot of great stuff for Kaeris and her crew.

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