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Help against Von Schill


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Last night had a 25ss game vs Von Schill. Shared Slaughter with diagonal setup with a heavily townscape-d board.

Admittedly I did things wrong like leaving Executioner in the open for Von Schill to take down with the seeker (finished off by a freikorpsman who activated after Von Schill.

My list was Justice, Judge, Executioner, Governor's Proxy and 2 guild guard (my death marshals just arrived)

Some list tweaking should cover some things but I just wondered what people's strategies are against these guys - they are tough, have armour, a load of special abilities and both range and combat (not so much with 1" melee range)


PS on a side note can the librarian cast the healing spell more than once in an activation? If not where does it say in the rules as we could find no mention of once successful cast per spell.


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Hit them in melee. They are better at shooting than at melee as a general rule of thumb. While the basic troopers have flurry, a good melee minion should be able to kill them with a charge. But because they have flurry it is also advisable to charge them after they activate if you don't think you can one shot them.

Witchling Stalkers would be a better choice than either Death Marshals or Guild Guard because of thier melee abilities.

The Librarian can use furious casting and cast the healing spell three times if she discards a card. This takes both of her ap to do.

Most of what the friegkorp can do, the guild can do better. Nino is much better than a trapper. Death marshals and Witchlings are better at range and melee respectively than the friegkorpman.

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From my very limited experience, ironically also a 25ss game using VS against Lady J... when he's leading a crew his cache gets capped at 4stones, if you can apply enough pressure they will disappear fast, equally if you can force the VS player to move him a touch too far away from the bulk of his troops, and in particular the Librarian, then it's the perfect time to jump on them with no slow to die repercussions

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