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Borboski's painting log


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Thanks guys - messed up posting the link...

Ok, I'd like to host some pics here to keep me motivated. I'm really quite new to painting and the hobby and after some average first attempts I'm having a bit more luck. Thinning my paints; thinking about the colours (see Bete below, just the base coats but it's just variations on Chaos Black, Astronom Grey, and Necron Abyss). I'm finding highlight much easier with the thinner paints.

I'm mostly painting Ressurectionists, and I've got some fun stuff to paint coming up - The Dead Rider, the Copycat Killer and some Canine Remains.

Lost the Executioner's backpack, though, aargh. Will need to think of an alternative.


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Aha, thanks guys!

Yep, I'm quite pleased with these, they're a big step up from what I've done before. I'm priming everything white and then giving them a heavy black wash which I find gives you a good idea of where to leave shadows and where to highlight.

Those trousers was just a bestial brown basecoat and then komando khaki over the top; I think I might leave as they are rather than do anymore highlights.

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Right I've done a little bit more so time for an update! Not great pictures but they're coming along nicely and the final versions are nearly there.



Particular pleased with these shades as they're all a little muted and I think they work well with each other. I've applied some highlights since then and even had a crack at lighting effects on the swords using the metallic medium to make a blue silver colour.

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