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Sarissa Precision Question


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A while ago on these forums a couple of people posted about Sarissa Precision, a website where you could get really cool buildings at a good price and in the right scale for Malifaux. So a couple of days ago a ordred one of their buildings: "Old West Heroic Adobe House", it arrived yesterday and the first thing i noticed is that on the packet it said: Sarissa Precision - 25mm Old West and below it said: Adobe House number 1, I checked Sarissa Precision's 25mm range and after looking through the page I noticed that you can't actually the Adobe House in 25mm, only in Heroic, so this may just be a simple misprint, but anyway I just wanted to check the measurements and ask anybody who have ordered this product before, mine measures 2.5" tall right to the top, and each wall measures 4" across.

Please help!


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I also had this problem, but it was just a label misprint. As you've said that particular building is only in Heroic scale. I don't have that particular building so can't check the measurements (try SirAngry?).

Drop an email to Steve at Sarissa if you want to be sure.

Phew, thanks I'm relieved to here that you had the same problem.

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