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Malifaux Mondays are baaaaaackkkkkkk


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Went into the store today, (TC Paintball and Games Traverse City Mi, stop in soon!), to pick up my order and see what was up. Many games of 40K were rocking on all five tables. So I had to let it be known that I was getting Malifaux stuff.

Pin drop/crickets/dead silence.

Then, one lone voice in the wilderness said: "I'd like to play Malifaux. . ." Quickly Followed by "What is Malifaux?"

Luckily (divine providence) I had my Henchman shirt on and the Malifaux bag in the truck.

Took me almost an hour to collect my books as many were really into the fluff and the mini's had more than one ohhhing and ahhhing. . . .I think Wayne sold about $200 bucks in Malifaux stuff in about 15 minutes!

Last week at the Demo, while pretty good in attendance and interest, I got Wayne to sell maybe $200 in the four hours I was there.

So, we decided that Monday is Malifaux night again. . . and you can be sure I will looking to another tournament and campaign.

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