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Malifaux Tournament September 24th Atlanta, GA


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Saturday, September 24th

Start Time: 12:00 PM

Entry: $10

Location: Phoenix Games


Phoenix Games April 16th Tournament Format

Number of Rounds

There will be a minimum of 3 rounds.

Deployment Type

Standard Deployment will be used for all rounds.

Round Time Limit

85 minute rounds with a 15 minutes setup time.

Crew Construction

35 Soul Stone and Single Faction (Players will pick a faction at the start of the Tournament)


Proxies (substitute models) are not allowed under any circumstances, nor can a player enter a tournament with a model that has not been released to the general public. Models do not need to be painted but they do need to be fully assembled on the base of the appropriate size.

How To Track Scores:

At the end of each Encounter, players tally up the VP that they earned that round. The player that earned more VP than his or her opponent wins the game and the opponent loses the game. In case of the same VP count, the game is a Draw.

Victory Points [VP]: This is the amount of points each player earned. Ex. Drew and Zee played a game, and Drew scored 6 VP while Zee scored 4 VP.

Tournament Points [TP]: A Win awards 3 TP to the winner, a Draw awards 1 TP to each player, and a Loss awards 0 TP to the defeated player. Ex. Drew and Zee played a game, and Drew scored 6 VP while Zee scored 4 VP. Drew receives 3 TP, while Zee receives 0 TP

Victory Point Differential [VPD]: Note the difference between the players VP at the end of the Encounter. The player with the higher score scores VPD equal to the positive amount of that difference, while the player that had the lower score receives VPD equal to the negative amount of that difference. Using the example above, Drew would have +2 VPD, while Zee would have -2 VPD.

Combining the above statistics, at the end of round one, Drew has a score of 3TP/+2VPD/6VP, while Zee has a score of 0TP/-2VPD/4VP.


The first round pairings are random, as described earlier in the packet. After the first round, the TO pairs up players based on their TP scores. Players will always play other players with similar TP scores. After round one, all the winners should be paired off against one another, while the draws and losing players pair off against one another. This continues for the established number of rounds

Determining Tournament Winner

At the end of the tournament, rank all of the players in descending order from highest TP to lowest TP. The player with the highest TP is the winner! In case of any ties in the TP, the VPD becomes the first tie-breaker. The player with the higher VPD wins the tie. If this is also tied, VP is the final tie-breaker, wherein the player with the higher VP wins the tie.

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