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  1. Good day all, Is there a way I can order or download a copy of the Female Convict Gunslinger ME2 Stat Card? I went thru a drawer of bits and found the old model still in bag but I have to imagine the card is no longer valid. Thanks
  2. Good Afternoon all, I am looking for preferably NoS or Built UnPainted Insidious Madness models, x3. I will strongly consider painted, but I would much rather not incur the cost of painted models when i can manage that on my own. If anyone is looking to unload some Madness let me know in PMs and we can work out the details. True
  3. Nov 10th is fast approaching going to be a good time!!
  4. Turn out is looking very promising for this tourney, wonder if anyone from Orlando will make the drive...
  5. Hello again! There will also be a Malifax Tourny at Anthem Games on Nov 10th. It will be a 30 SS single faction tourny. Entry fee will be $5.00 with it all going to prize support. Prizes will be paid out to 1st, 2nd and Wooden Spoon (last). In addition to the store credit, I'm sure I can find some extra minis to sweeten the pot. The tourny will be 3 to 4 rnds depending on the turn out. For more information ask here or check out: http://forums.anthem-games.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4963. Thanks
  6. Hello all, There is an escalation league starting Nov 4th at Anthem Games in Tampa FL. Looking to run 4 rounds over 5 weeks so there is a break from play over the Thanksgiving holiday. More inform ation can be found at: http://forums.anthem-games.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4962&p=34040#p34040 Please ask question there and sign up either at Anthem Games or on the above linked thread. Thanks.
  7. Less then 2 weeks OOooohhhHHH, should be a good time.
  8. The Con is quickly approaching, we should have 2 killer tables all set up for some Demos if your in the Tampa Bay area swing on by...
  9. Malifaux Demos on Oct 6th starting around 10am at the Marriot at Tampa International Airport. As the 40k tournament rages on in the back ground I'll have a table or 2 set up for some Malifaux Demos. Swing by and cheat fate while learning Malifaux or hang out and watch the 40k action. Malifaux is a character driven skirmish game using 6-12 models and a deck of card for random number generation you literally take your crew's fate into your own hands in your attempt to complete your own strategy and schemes. Malifaux is set in an alternate Earth in a victorianwesterngothichorror steampunk era. If your interested check out, http://malifaux.com/ for more information or feel free to pm me.
  10. Ill be up at Anthem Games in north Tampa if anyone wants to learn the game or get a couple games in.Cya tonight.
  11. Tourney went very well. Specially considering it was the first Malifaux Tourney in the Tampa Bay Area. Results: 1. M. Underwood 2. B. Voss 3. J. Stanley 4. T. Patterson 5. N. Blackie 6. J. Underwood Even though we only had 6 players, I didnt play and was hoping a 7th would walk in so we could jump up to 8. Lots of potential. The future is bright for Malifaux in the Tampa Bay Area.
  12. Tomorrow is the day, come out for the first every Malifaux Tournament in Tampa, FL. Should be atleast 10 people coming out already. And its my birthday, so lets have a good tourney turn out.
  13. So the tournement is still on looking like we will have 10ish players atleast. Getting closer now... more can come on out if you wanna try your hand at cheating fate during the dead heat of summer.
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