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Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast (Privateer Press)


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Here's my other entry for Privateer Press' Lock n' Load Gamefest.

I went with a high contrast, highly complimentary colour scheme, which is very non-Cryxian. I opted to showcase my ability to paint hair, and faces on this model, and to try out something I have never tried before this miniature; Non-Metallic Metals.

NMM - I like it. I think my competition pieces, and own work are now going to feature this method of painting metals. It's much easier to use than metallic paints, and looks much better, plus, all us gaming nerds slobber and drool over nice-looking NMM.

The anchor was scratch built, and the chain I found in a cheap jewelry store.







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Ghool, I've seen a lot of your work over the past year or so and while I think for the most part you do an excellent job, I have to say that you've really done an outstanding job on Skarre here.

I completely love the color choice you used. She looks beautiful!

And that face. wowowowowwwia baby!

Good luck at L&L!

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I love it!

If I had to nitpick, the horns dont work. Just the general colour of them make it look like she has baby sh!t stuck to her forehead.

Yeah I've been trying to fix that...now I'm not going to see anything but baby crap stuck to her forehead.

Thanks. :P

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Looks great! Gotta say that I'm not a huge fan of the NMM, though. They way you've done it makes it look almost crystalline, rather than metal. The gold of the sword looks a bit better than the steel part. I'm not sure how to improve it, because I'm no master of NMM myself. Toning down the reflectivity (if that's even a word) would help, I think.

Good luck at L&L!

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How did you manage to do the eyes with so much detail?

A very fine point on my brush, and some flow release solution...and lots of practice. ;)

She was awarded a silver in the single category. I got some good critique from the judges as well. I changed the horns to a graduated black to purple, and smoothed the blends on the back of the jacket before entering.

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