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Cult of December and The Friekorps (inc. custom ice golem :D)

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These are my two malifaux Crews, I'm pretty happy with them, though the photos have washed out a lot of detail :(

I was unhappy with the Ice Golem mini, he was too thin and the pose was somewhat boring. So I green stuffed him a new arm, a new leg, and a back hump.






And The group shot (I got bored and didnt wanna take pictures of all the gamin)




Von schill


The Specialist


Watcha think?

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@Footman- I will give credit where credit is due, I saw your Golem before I got my crew and that inspired the hump. Thanks for the inspiration! (Sorry If you feel like I stole your idea hah)

The golem was really the only reason I posted this It took a long time to do that (and yes, A LOT of green stuff) and I'm very proud of it. Thanks for the comments!

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