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Kreggurrees 2nd Crew - Ramos


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So over the last week I have painted up the Ramos box set plus one brass arachnid, I am quite pleased with the metallics though as with metallics normally photos never do them justice. I realise that I need to smooth out the flesh on the Steam Borg but everything was at a faster "gaming standard" pace which I am still getting used to but I do like having minis finished. :)

Any way I hope you like them.


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@CrimsonWraith and Braindead: I tried a wash but it didn't really help much, I will go the patient route and take the time to blend the shadows into the base colour more smoothly.

Oh and the problem with my cameras lens is that it is great for big depth and of field (and no zoom) but that is bad when taking photos of minis as I have to get in close and then I struggle to make sure a minis face is in focus at the same time as the extremities, I will have to put up some individual photos.

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