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Raspy vs Viks 25 SS Narrated Intro


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Me-Escape and Survive, First Blood, Exterminate (Construct, Announced)



Convict Gunslinger


Cache 5

My Friend-Destroy the Evidence, Breakthrough (Announced), Stake a Claim (Announced)


3 Ice Gamin (Larry, Curly, Moe)


December Acolyte

Cache 5


Viktoria cursed herself quietly as she led her band of mercenaries through the destroyed city blocks of Malifaux. The job would be easy, they told her, just a quick get in, steal some evidence, get out mission, they said. Well, here she was, running from that crazy ice queen and her creepy little Ice Gamin. Damn, those things were creepy.

As she led her remaining force over a collapsed building, she turned to take stock. Hans, the sniper famous on two worlds, had somehow managed to keep pace, even while lugging that ridiculously large rifle around. She nodded at him as they took refuge behind the fallen building, and he climbed a nearby wall to keep lookout. Next over the building was Misaki, a woman that Viktoria could respect; her skill with her bishento was incredible. Behind her was a convict gunslinger whose name Viktoria couldn't remember. Honestly, she was surprised he had made it. Taking up the back was Viktoria's doppleganger, the Neverborn other that was always present.

From atop the wall, Hans called down to the panting mercenaries, "She's coming!" Viktoria nodded to her mercenaries. "They're not gonna let up. We have to make a stand here. Try to get out at quickly as you can. Take some of them down if you can, to slow their pursuit-If anyone can take out those creepy little ice buggers she's got, there's a bonus in it for you." Viktoria started throwing the evidence against the arcanists she'd been tasked to steal by the guild. "We'll bait them in with this. You know what to do."

Turn 1: Initiative: Rasputina

Rasputina sent Larry down to destroy some evidence cordoned off by a wall between Viktoria's crew and the evidence marker. Hans, who had a clear shot at the Acolyte (He didn't use the advanced deployment), dealt some early game damage. The acolyte decided to push forward to protect Larry. Misaki activated and cast Earth, allowing her to run through the wall separating the Viks from the evidence. Johan, employed by Rasputina, started walking towards a different piece of evidence. Gunslinger activates and moves to get LoS on Johan. Rasputina Ice Mirrors December's Touch through Johan, but misses. Sword Vik runs towards the Acolyte, switches with Gun Vik, and Gun Vik fires on the Acolyte. Curly and Moe walk towards the second piece of evidence by Raspy and Johan.

Turn 2: Initiative: Rasputina

December Acolyte harpoons Gun Vik but doesn't pull. Gun Vik retaliates by shooting, but misses both times. Rasputina keeps pushing towards evidence, casting Whiteout to protect herself from the Gunslinger. Gunslinger manages to suppression fire Johan, Curly, and Moe. Johan shoots the Gunslinger in retaliation. Misaki casts Fire and charges, successfully destroying Larry, protecting the first piece of evidence, but Larry's trigger ends her activation before she can lash out at the Acolyte. Hans finishes up the Acolyte. Curly activates and tries to shoot the gunslinger but misses, prompting more faster than you goodness, continuing towards the evidence. Sword Vik gives Fury to both Viks and moves to a better position.

Turn 3: Initiative: Viks

Misaki starts to return to the deployment zone, where she can try to help out the Viks. Rasputina destroys the first piece of evidence. She December's Curses the Gunslinger, prompting no blasts, and uses Whiteout again. Hans fires on Curly, bringing the Ice Gamin to critically low health. Curly pimpslaps the gunslinger, who promptly pistol whips him back. Curly succumbs and First Blood is satisfied while Convict Gunslinger heads for cover, his health starting to get kinda low from the shatter. +1 Viks. Moe, the lone Ice Gamin left, moves up the field towards Vik's deployment zone. Gun Vik moves up to slash Moe, but misses. Johan moves in to cover Moe. Sword Vik switches with Gun Vik and proceeds to swing her sword, but alas, fate would not have it.

Turn 4: Initiative: Rasputina

Rasputina punishes Sword Vik for her impudence by casting Biting Chill, succeeding cast after cast despite frantic soul stone slinging on both sides, finishing the job with a december's curse and whiteout. Sword Vik goes down. Hans shoots Johan, bringing the musclebound warrior to low health. Johan lumbers up and swings his hammer at Convict Gunslinger, but he misses. Rasputina, sensing an imminent defeat at the hands of the well-entrenched Outcasts and feeling pressed for time, concedes defeat.

All in all, Convict Gunslinger had an excellent chance of bringing Johan down and retreating to safety. Gun Vik was in an excellent spot to finish extermination, and Misaki was almost back to where she could help repel a lonely Rasputina. If not for time pressure, the battle would have likely ended with 1 VP for first blood, 2 from exterminate, and 2 from their scheme (Hans would have had to climb down from his perch to get to full VP, with no time to do so) vs Rasputina's 0.

Any criticism would be welcomed. My friend and I have been playing for a little while now, and he's really starting to get the hang of Rasputina. He was plagued mostly by early bad luck and a well-positioned resistance force of strong units. I apologize if anything is unclear as this is my first battle report.

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Johan is good but I think that a Silent One would have done wonders, Perfect Mirror is great and the extra casting is helpful. Rasuptina isn't anywhere near as effective without an Essence of Power. Cerberus is nice as well and with Ice Golem Rasp can get it to an armor of ridiculous.

Rasputina vs. Viks is a pretty cool matchup and Misaki is a boss model. All in all a great battle report I just nitpick at crew choices.

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