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Nicodem or Seamus 35ss


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Depends on your playstyle. Nicodem and seamus are the two complete opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of Ressers, and mostly it depends on where you want to be chuckling evilly.

Do you prefer chuckling while hidden in some evil lair, steepling your fingers as you watch your foes overwhelmed by hordes of your faithful minions? Nicodem.

Do you prefer chuckling after shooting/stabbing your opponent repeatedly in the face from a couple feet away, leading the charge of your somewhat smaller army of minions? Seamus.

Personally, I'm a schemer, I love Nicodem and the way he plays, and I love the versatility that comes with his power. Seamus is much more durable, and has a lot more raw kickass potential, and I can see the appeal in that. Personally, I'm no fan of the dead rider, which you've got in your nic list, I'd replace that with either a whole lot of minions (dogs, crooked men, etc) or bete. Because I love bete. You also probably want to keep the Punks in reserve for summoning, they're much more effective when you res them right into the middle of a fight, rather than trying to get into close combat with your opponent. I'd replace the 3 punks with 3 crooked men, and res the punks once you get corpses. Plus, you get 3 extra stones to play with.

As for the Seamus list, can't help you on that, I've never played Seamus, and I've only ever seen him played exceedingly badly.

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