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I Had A Picture In My Mind....


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of how I wanted an idea for a base to work out - I have the Pandora crew (mainly because of the Kade and Candy models) and pictures a base representing a floor cracking with fires of hell beneath it!

I found some base inserts which looked about right - undercoated it black, used blood red in the cracks, watered down sunburst yellow, and then washed the cracks before using scorched brown, chaos black and fortress grey for the stones, with extra fortress grey for highlights.

(all GW paints)

In the picture you can see the end result (with an unpainted Kade on it). I can't decide if I like it or not!! Does anyone have any ideas to possible make it better or am I being too critical on it??

I can't help but feel it looks more like some sort of volcano effect! I'm almsot ready to do a batch more bases!!




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