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1-21-11 League @ Brothers Grim - Selden, NY


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A new territory has been discovered. A lush valley, rich in natural resources including rock formations that promise a bounty of Soulstones hidden within. Ruins have also been seen and beg exploration. Unfortunately, secrets don’t last very long in Malifaux and blood may soon run in rivers.

Who will emerge from the chaos as the ultimate warlord? Sign up now to reserve your chance to be the one.

Standing at the edge of the precipice, Ramos addressed his tall friend while scanning the vista before him. “Excellent scouting Joss. Who would have thought there was such a place within miles of the city? With the natural resources here, the Union could make a self-sustaining bastion against the Governor General’s depredations. Gather the Union Heads. We must start diverting resources quietly to fortify this position.”

Lucius strode confidently into the Governor General’s office. “My Lord, my spies have noticed that the Union is moving workers and building supplies in a steady stream but there are no new structures going up.”

The Governor General looked up from the document he was reading. “Mobilize extra forces. We must discover what they’re up to and put a stop to it if it is a threat. Or, tax it if not. Along with assessing fines for building without the proper permits. Dismissed.”

Three women stood around a small pool reflecting the light of the moon. “The humans are expanding. This could be worse than those cursed Ortegas. We must make a strong push against this new move. The more they spread, the more difficult it will be to remove them.”

“Of course we will support you, Sister.”

“Well Molly my dear, have they discovered me or just this place?” Molly moved as if to speak and Seamus quickly held up a hand. “A rhetorical question. Please don’t speak; you always make such a mess. Either way, the outcome is the same. They must not be allowed to disrupt my research. Let’s see what surprises we can prepare for them.”

Von Schill slammed his fist down on the desk. “Dammit Viktoria! You’re the best fighter I know, but your grasp of logistics is sadly lacking. A permanent facility, a fortified facility, will allow us to draw more recruits. We could become a force unto ourselves, where people could make their lives without the oppressive limitations of the Governor.”

Viktoria drummed her fingers on the desk while she regarded him. “Very well Von Schill, your suggestion has merit. I will join you in this endeavor. Where do we begin?”

League will be starting the end of January and will run for 3 months. If anyone is interested, in the Long Island area, drop me a line and I'll get you more info.

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