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Starting Out With Ramos/A Workable List Idea?


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I'm looking at Malifaux, and decided to give Ramos a shot.

To that end, I'd be interested in knowing if there was a way to make a workable list for him using these models (chosen for absolutely no reason other than because they appeal to me)

-Steamborg Executioner

-(the Gunsmith, or something like that)

-Von Schill and

-Various Freikorps

-Steampunk Arachnids

From what I've seen, Ramos thrives on the Arachnids, so that shouldn't be a problem. The others, though, I leave up to the almighty wisdom of the boards.

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The Gunsmith and the Freikorps belong to two different 'Special Forces' so can never be included in the same lists.

You might find the Freikorps a bit unreasonably priced if you include alot of them (as you have to pay +1SS for each of them and +2SS for the Librarian).

But other than that it sure is possible.

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