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In Which I Paint A Load Of Zombies


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And Nicodem! (Mortimer's also kind of a given.)

So Jonas and I are embarking on a new crew, and with that comes a metric ton of painting. The current count is:

-Nicodem box set

-3 extra Punk Zombies

-3 Mindless Zombies

-2 Canine Remains


And there are more to come, including another pack of Mindless Zombies, Rotten Belles, and Crooked Men. So as you can see, zombies. There are many of them.

And so without further ado, the first three:

th_mindless1-1.jpg th_mindless1-22.jpg

th_punk1-1.jpg th_punk1-2.jpg

th_punk2-1.jpg th_punk2-2.jpg

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Thanks! I couldn't decide what to do with him.. so white it was.

And here are the next three, including Mortimer and half of Nicodem. I still need to do his chains and little accessories, and the vulture. Apart from that, though, he's about done. I also went the usual way and used green to tie the Ressers together-- it's on Mortimer's scarf and hat, but a bit hard to see in these pictures. Like all beginning miniature painters, I blame my camera. As always, click for big.

th_punk3-1.jpg th_punk3-2.jpg

This guy's pants took forever.. but he's my favorite so far. I think it's the face.

th_Mort1.jpg th_Mort2.jpg

I really like Mortimer, too, but he came out quite shiny after the sealer-- I probably put it on too thick. I'll have to fix that.

th_Nico1.jpg th_Nico2.jpg

And finally, the unfinished undertaker. I just received the suggestion from my brother to leave the vulture white and call it albino-- and at the moment I might take it, just out of laziness. XD But we'll see.

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