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NYC Tournament - Manhattan Malifaux

Guy in Suit

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Announcing New York City's first Malifaux tournament!

To be held Saturday, February 12th at 10am at the Compleat Strategist, located at 11 East 33rd Street, just a half block from the Empire State Building.

We can hold up to 40 players.

Registration fee will be $10. Registration will open in December.

Below is all subject to change, but please let me know any thoughts or questions.


This is a Single Master tournament. You must declare your Master to The Judge, either when you register or upon arrival.

All models from both books are allowed. The latest Errata from Wyrd and the most recent Rules Marshall quotes will be enforced.

If you are unsure of a particular ruling (or if your brutal late-night combo idea is legit), please PM The Judge beforehand to avoid any game day confusion. ALL JUDGES RULINGS ARE FINAL!


All figures must be fully assembled and on the appropriate sized base, No Exceptions. Painting is not required.

Proxies are allowed, however the proxy must represent the intended figure/fluff and be clear to the opponent. You may not proxy different figures using the same miniature, No Exceptions. Feel free to show your proxies/conversion to the judge before the tourney starts so there is no confusion.


Each round will feature a Shared Strategy from Rising Powers. Rounds are organized as follows:

Round #1 25 SS 0 Schemes

Round #2 30 SS 1 Schemes

Round #3 35 SS 2 Schemes

Master-Specific Schemes are not allowed. Faction-Specific schemes are OK.


Devastator: Highest total VP’s

Steadfast: Best W/L Record

Seductress: Best Appearance

There will be no prize overlapping!

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