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Svenn Builds (Another) Gaming Table


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Some of you may have remember the first table that Tewfik and I built over a year ago. It was the whole reason I started up Tabletop Geeks.

Well, about a year ago I moved an hour or so away from Tewfik and left the table with him. I got tired of not having a table of my own to play on so I decided to build a new table. This one is a bit smaller but uses the same basic idea of a lipped edge so that I can create square terrain blocks to mix and match terrain. This one needed to take up very little space when not in use as our apartment doesn't have enough room for a permanent table.

It's mostly finished now, all except for being painted. You can check it out here: http://tabletopgeeks.com/gaming-table-the-second-one/

Here's a preview:


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Just had to observe on the old table:

That thing seemed very tall for you guys. Did you build the legs too long by accident or was that by design?

Well, it was accidentally intentional... or intentionally accidental? Basically, in order to make it fold up and roll on the wheels the legs had to be longer than the sides that folded down. We didn't realize this at first so when we went to do the legs we realized they had to be 44" tall... which turned out to be way too tall.

This was something I took heavily into consideration for the second table, and this one is more reasonable. It's only 30" high, just a couple inches above typical table height I believe.

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