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O gauge is 1/43rd scale (or, at least it is in the UK). This article is about finding cars the right size, but the principle is the same:


1/48 in the US and Australia, though may be different in Tasmania, 1/43 in the UK and 1/45 on the continent, though I have only seen card kits of locos in that scale.

Those small buildings look mighty tempting.

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So I went ahead and ordered Vinny's Grill which can be seen here http://ogaugerr.com/railroad/index.php?cPath=22_31_49.

Shipping was only $5.00 to Spain so I was very pleased.

The building arrived today and I've thrown it together to see how it looks with the Malifaux figures.

The kit does not come with interior floors but each storey is pre-marked so you can easily split the different levels.

I've done this and temporarily used some foamboard flooring to get a feel of how it will look. The building itself is made of nice thick plastic and seems very sturdy.

This building has a flat roof that sits just below the top of the walls. I have left this off in the photos to show the interior space plus I will have to add a chimney or something so that I can easily remove the roof as needed.

Here's some photos to show the scale against the Malifaux figures. The two figures outside are the Convict Gunslinger and Lilith whilst Papa Loco and The Executioner are battling inside.




When the building is painted and interiors added I think they will look outstanding.

I will definitely be ordering more of these in the future to build my suburb of Malifaux.

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