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Mcmouring rises


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Ok folks so I have recently taken to m@m (I say m@m because I ment to type m&m but I failed and so I have Now inadvertantly coined mcmouning's new catch phrase). I think he's an awsowe master and needs to be cutting up some bodies for my crew. So I have to decide what to run with him. I think I actually saw this list on the forums before, its a good list as far as I can tell but could use some critical imput. The list is as follows:

M@M: 7 as cache


Bête noir

4 canine remains

Zombie chuwawa

25 as total. I think I will add a nurse if I want to make it 30 ss. Now Sebastion is just great for a 6 soulstone model and he combos so well with the dogs to make a companion (and speedy) killing machine. Bête gives me 3 things. First m@m is actually pretty easy to kill if you can get him in one activation. With bête I can paralyze targets that would rip my precious master to ribbons if he got close allowing me to be more aggressive with the mcmourning. Second she gives me some high cb something the rest of my crew lacks and third she gives me some much needed mobility. This is actually important because for the most part I do not feel it is a good idea to leave Mcmouring alone. If he gets mobbed I will have to pay for it in the end. With bête I can suicide one of the dogs or a creation of the morgue master's out and summon her to kill things.

So my question to you is: is this a good list, pros cons what you think needs improvement what problems will come up and the most economic way to buy all this. Like is his box set worth it? Anyways let's see what we got shall we?

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Hey there.

I recommend you have a look at the Bete Noir & McMourning thread to see what people say, also I am told the McMourning tactica is helpful. McMourning should not die, he heals every time he damages something which means if he's ever injured, you can just hit something and heal right back up. Killing him in one activation should be very difficult, he does have more soulstones then any other master, and, if they are anywhere near McMourning and they fail to kill him, they shouldn't be around too long.

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