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Undead body parts


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here's mine; Corpse, Scrap, Body part :)

EDIT: changed to a link as it's a bigger picture than i thought :(

Heresy miniatures Ghoul for hte corpse (yeah.. the blood effect makes it hard to see in pics!), Hasslefree Watch Cogs for scrap, the body parts are a shuffle of bits from my box; GW and Rackham zombies, heresy ghouls :)

the smaller counters are ingame effects; simply greenstuffed onto Goblin Shields (search for greenstuffgav on youtube for a guide) :D

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gurt massive pic!
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There is a company called 'Mantic Games' that sells pretty cheap undead (used for Warhammer Fantasy). I haven't bought any of their stuff but supposedly it is a pretty good quality to price ratio.


The Mantic stuff is "decent" quality (some of their stuff is pretty flat) but that's alright, you don't need high detail for this sort of stuff.

GW's older skeletons (the Tomb Kings line) have "larger" proportions, here's a scale shot:


So if you want more "realistic" sizes get the Mantic undead (VERY good price) or do the GW vampire counts skeletons (they're much smaller).

The only problem with both mantic and GW skeletons (the VC ones) is that they've got armor and cloth on them, the tomb king bits are all "naked".


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