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results for metro mass tournament aug 14th


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ok well this report is very over due and I am sorry about that

so here it is

we had a tournament with 4 players because not enough people showed up but everyone still really wanted to have it anyway

so here is the break down of what happened

we had

2 Rasputina armies

1 Viktoria

and Ramos made an appearance as well

3 rounds switching opponents each round

this was a bloody battle

the first rasputina had a hard time in this event she could not score any points till her last battle when she scored 2

but please dont feelbad for her she did a great job and learned a lot about how her army plays. she had a lot of fun and I see her doing much better in up coming tournaments.

Ramos did a great job keeping up with each game scoring about half the total points each game but we have not seen the end of Ramos he will be back with new, stronger, constructs just you watch.

the two power houses of this event were Rasputina who took second place and the Vicktorias who won the event and also took a speacial prize for most sportsman like.

first rasputina this was a frightening army basically if you get too close you are going to get hit with soulstone enhanced range attacks with positive flips and blasts blasts blasts ahh blasts suck haha

and then the Vicktorias they had themselves and all Ronin

can you say a pain in the butt wow harmless is a pain to deal with and they have the greatest swords in the game for a 5 point model

I gave this player a special prize because she was such a great player even helped her opponents when they were stuck in a bind.

I printed out some turn cards and put them into some sleeves making a cheep and easy and much appreciated prize that can be used over and over again when playing other games

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