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Lady Justice vs The Viktorias 35ss, (in character)


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Heya all, this is my first bat.rep.

I decided to write it in character, mostly from Francisco's point of view, as this seemed more interesting since I don't have any cool pictures to attach. ;-)

The set-up:

- The Guild - (Strategies: Treasure Hunt; Schemes: Raid! [announced])

Lady Justice

The Judge


3 Death Marshals

Francisco Ortega

- The Outcasts -(Strategies: Slaughter; Schemes: Thwart [announced])

The Vicktorias

Taelor / Lady Hammerstrike

3 Ronin

Convict Gunslinger (this model was proxied with a dwarf carrying a mini-gun, btw.)

Encounter Location - Ghost Town:

3x4 rectangular field; Corners Deployment.

1 two-story building with a walled courtyard, 1 two-story building and 2 partially burned out building frames, 3 large trees and several stacks of crates and barrels scattered about between them.

Special Terrain: a "Creepy Structure" (in the form of a statue of a Bloodthirster of Khorne).

- - -

Word had gotten out to Francisco Ortega that the Guild was preparing a raid on an old shipping and layover station that was now basically a small ghost town to grab up some kind of artifact rumoured to be there. As with most abandoned towns, no one knew why it had been abandoned, but around here there were plenty of causes one could speculate about. Just about all of them would keep you up at night.

He'd heard that Lady Justice and her crew were handling the matter. Normally he wouldn't have given more than a second thought towards the matter, since it didn't involve The Family. However, he'd also heard rumours on the street that a certain gunslinger was in that area, running with a gang of Outcasts run by the Viktoria twins.

Word was, this gunslinger was short in stature but big in creativity and had built himself some kind of multi-barreled hand gun, not entirely unlike his brother Nino's.

And, more importantly, he was making a bit of a reputation for himself with it. They said he was fast and a pretty good shot with the thing.

The thought caused Francisco to flex the fingers of his gun hand subconsciously.

Francisco decided he would volunteer his services for this mission, "For the good of the Guild of course."

Lady Justice gave a slight smile at this, and seemed to stare off at something only she could see, despite the blindfold over her eyes.

"Interesting" she said in a low voice, "this seems to even the odds, how fortuitous."

Francisco shrugged and thought to himself, "Whatever that means" but didn't think too much of it, as his sister Perdita seemed to admire "Lady J."

The Guild posse approached the abandoned station from the Southeast end of town, which was situated in a gully between some rolling hills. The old road was getting a bit over grown, but the furrow of wagon wheels were still visible.

Francisco kicked at a clod of dirt. It had taken the better part of the day to get here, enough that they made a camp a few miles up the road before heading in.

Lady J seemed to look off towards the Northwest and said "We have company, seven of them, only a slight hint of sorcery, must be that gang of Outcasts."

"Our auguries indicated that the artifact is upstairs in a room on the 2nd floor of the old Saloon. My Judge, I want you to secure it. The rest of us will cover you and show these Outcast scum not to interfere in Guild business."

Francisco checked to make sure he had a clean draw on his Peacebringer pistol and rattled his saber in its scabbard, finally, some action!

The Judge took off towards the saloon at the center of town, a Marshal headed around the backside of the building, the other two moved forward and sought cover amongst some barrels and crates which were scattered about the freight yard between the saloon and the burned out wreck of the Freight Office and a run down old stable.

Francisco's sharp eyes picked out the band of Outcasts moving into position across town and his eyes felt drawn to a disturbing statue he had failed to notice before, sight of it had been blocked by the General Store on the way into town.

Seeing it caused the hair on the back of his neck to stand up, some bulky form with what looked like wings sweeping upwards, but then he noticed a squat form making its way through the ruins of the old stable. The gunslinger, Francisco cocked his pistol.

The large frame of the Executioner that the Judge had brought along strolled past him and headed towards the saloon. "Not really a good time for a drink" Francisco thought to himself, "ya big psycho."

The Executioner had seen one of the Viktoria twins working her way around the other side of the saloon, probably going after the Judge. "We can't have that" he thought to himself, "but I wouldn't mind cutting me a piece off of that, heh heh."

Francisco was a little surprised when he noticed what looked like 3 farmers or peasant girls walking along towards the middle of town, he was even more surprised as one of them drew a pistol from beneath her coat and shot one of the Marshals in the chest, dropping him like a bag of sand.

The other two girls headed towards the creepy statue, "Now what are those two up to?"

Meanwhile the Judge had crossed the empty courtyard of the saloon, opened the door and run upstairs, the Executioner ambled along behind him into the building.

The preternatural senses of the Death Marshal on the backside of the saloon told him one of the Viktorias was coming his way. He'd heard tell of her skills. It seemed she intended to go into the saloon, where he could sense the Executioner's mounting excitement over the thought of an encounter. Hearing gunfire from the other side of the building and sensing one of his fellow Marshals go down, he decided to run back the other way to back up The Lady. The Executioner can have his fun protecting the Judge.

As he ran around the building a short man with a big gun came running out of the stables, barrels blazing, the Marshal dodge partly behind the entrance to the courtyard as bullets pocked the wall.

Francisco saw the woman known as Taelor, fairly famous around Malifaux for her rough ways and the size of her... hammer.

"She may not be a lady, but what a woman!" Francisco thought to himself as she charged forward, hammer smashing a marshal to the ground and clipping Lady Justice with it as well.

Lady Justice had been watching the two girls messing with the strange statue, it had a very peculiar aura to it, when suddenly Taelor was on her, knocking one her Marshals to the ground and clipping her shoulder as the massive hammer swung around.

Drawing her large blade she balanced the scales and showed Lady Hammerstrike the color of her own blood, Taelor didn't seem to much care though.

As much as Francisco was enjoying the show, as the buxom babes battled it out, his quarry had shown himself and he cracked off a shot towards the gunslinger, missing terribly and the gunslinger fired back a couple shots of his own. Francisco ducked quickly behind a crate.

"OK, pay attention to my own fight then, right!"

He yelled out "is that the best you got?!" The gunslinger barked out some obscenities and brought to question Francisco's relationship to his mother, "Oh no you didn't..."

Across the freight yard one of the girls ran her hand over the statue, pulling it away bloodied. Strange as it didn't look sharp. A ways off Viktoria felt a sudden surge of power from the exchange, interesting.

Inside the saloon the Judge grabbed the artifact, a black chest covered in ornate silver inlay. Picking it up he headed back down the stairs. He nodded towards his Executioner, who glanced at him over his shoulder and ambled towards to back door, heheh, he could hear someone fiddling with the latch. "Fresh Meat" he thought to himself.

A moment later Viktoria kicked open the door, seeing the huge frame of the Executioner and the light glinting off the blades of the Executioner Claws covering his hands, she quickly drew her pistol and fired it almost point blank at him, the slug took him high in the shoulder. A moment later his claws flashed out and impaled Viktoria. The Executioner chuckled to himself, watching the blood run down the blades.

As her doppelganger moved into position in the yard, holding both of her swords and getting ready to charge Lady Justice, she felt the sudden pain of her twin, she was dying!

Her eyes went white as she reached deep within, and yet at the same time outside of, herself. Seeking a connection to one of the Ronin they had brought with them. She found it in the one that had been messing with the statue, tempting fate had increased their connection to each other it seemed and as Viktoria lay dieing in the saloon her doppelganger grasped her soul through the link they shared and used ancient sorcery to swap Viktoria's soul with the Ronin's, transforming the Ronin's body in the process into that of Viktoria herself, fresh and unharmed.

"We are not fated to die today."

Daylight was fading as Francisco moved carefully through the cover of crates, firing his pistol occasionally at the gunslinger, who fired back in return. Once he was close enough Francisco drew his saber and charged from cover at the gunslinger, catching him by surprise and stabbing him in each shoulder causing him to drop his handgun.

"Better luck next time my friend" he said as he made a salute with the saber, quickly wiping the blood off and putting it back in its scabbard.

Looking across the courtyard he once more watched Lady Hammerstrike and Lady Justice as they battled each other while the remaining Marshal and the other Outcast girl were shooting at each other. Ah, she was another of Viktoria's Ronin, of course!

As the Marshal poked his head out from behind the cover of a barrel and shot at the Ronin keeping her pinned down, Viktoria leveled her pistol his way and put a bullet into him. He went down, clutching the wound.

The Judge exited the saloon and ran back around the corner towards the way they had come, wishing he had assigned retrieval duty to one of the Marshals so that he could fight at his lady's side instead.

Francisco couldn't help but notice as the day grew older, the shadow of the unsettling statue was growing longer, he noticed the shadow of its outstretched wings seemed to be threatening to engulf the entire station before too long. He thought to himself, "I hope we leave soon."

He watched on as Taelor slammed her hammer into Lady J's stomach, knocking her back, but the Lady quickly moved back into range and cut Taelor deeply once more with her sword.

Taelor, groaned as she staggered back, placing her hammer against the ground for support.

As one of the Viktorias ran forward, Francisco quickly fanned the hammer on his Peacebringer, putting a bullet into her and sending one whizzing between Taelor and Lady Justice.

As the Executioner exited the saloon, Lady Justice called out, "We have what we came for and I don't think we want to be here after dark, lets move out."

As The Guild headed back to the Southeast, Viktoria gathered up her twin and their wounded and moved towards the old saloon.

"Well they got whatever they came for, but we took down a few of their Marshals at least before they high tailed it out of here. Maybe someday they'll learn they can't just do whatever they want."

As the sun set, the wings of the statue's shadow seemed to stretch out and engulf the remains of the freight office and stable in darkness.

Inside the saloon, Viktoria began bandaging the wounded while her twin lit a small candle and searched around until she found a bottle of whisky. Mortal life was so exciting.


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Quick follow up.

The cards really favored me (the Guild) here a Lot, and not so much for my opponent. This was also his first game, he proxied the models for his Outcasts using mostly Warmachine Privateers.

The "Convict Gunslinger" model was one he had built using a dwarf and a custom built hand held Gatling gun.

Going again he said he would have made longer use of the Ronin's "Harmless" ability to get closer and try to use Run Through attacks.

Mostly he was taken aback by the straight up power of the Guild's Critical Strikes and next time we play we are going to swap armies and I'm going to try to use the Viktoria's yo-yo abilities to see if I can cut the Guild down quickly.

Taelor seemed to have to do the bulk of his heavy lifting as Viktoria got stalled out when my Executioner managed to Red Joker one of them to death.

Francisco and Lady J did get a little more banged up in game than may seem in the bat rep, but I didn't want the battle to account for every minor hit and make it even longer.

Also, you may notice, I have chosen Francisco as my 'go to guy' for when I play the Guild. I really like his character and flair and thought he was a good match up for the ever present Convict Gunslinger, and a good in faction alternative to taking one of them myself.

I basically won by default having gotten my loot and then us running out of time.

You also may have noticed I tried to narrate focusing on the actions of certain figures at a time, rather than trying to convey the flow of battle turn by turn, I hope it worked out well that way?

Also, since in game characters will keep showing up for later battles, I try to avoid making every model that goes down as having necessarily been 'killed'.

Thanks for the read, comments welcome.

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Nice write up!!

I like what you have done there taking Francisco as the narrator of the action, and it looks like the game was pretty fun for both, even while it looks pretty clear that your friend didnt make much use of the various tricks he had available.

Waiting for the next one!

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