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Toledo Gameroom, in Toledo, OH Events


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Tuesday August 24, there will be a 35 ss book 2 scrap.

Scenarios will be made so that everybody is playing the same thing, but schemes will be picked by yourself. You will/can choose two schemes before each round commences. But I would recommend choosing two for more victory points. ;P

It will start around 3 pm but we can postpone it if necessary.

It will be at the:

Toledo gameroom

3000 west sylvania avenue

Toledo OH, 43613

There will be a $5 entry but all proceeds go to the top three and one randomly drawn person.

Hope to see you there!!!!

Rules question: proxies are allowed as long as they clearly represent the model they are interpreting and you clearly state to your opponent before every game. Factions do not need to be painted, but pictures will be taken to post up on the forums.

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Friday October 1st

The things from your nightmare will emerge

At the Toledo Gameroom

3000 west sylvania Ave

Toledo, OH 43613

Starting at 6:30 pm your worst nightmares will come forth and confront you as you Duke it out in this 35 ss scrap tournament. This three round nightmare will last 1 hour a round and will have prefabbed scenarios for each round that will make you crap your pants(lol).

Don't be afraid to play as admission will only be $5 a person, and prizes will be given to the top three contenders and one randomly drawn person.

Rules questions: proxies will be allowed as long as they represent the model clearly.

Hope to see you there.

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