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Well, I'm finally unpacked from Gen Con, and I'm getting a day off work to relax again. Hooray! This means I can get back to the job I like- my addiction to Malifaux!

So, my Big List of Things to Do:

Finished, Need Basing:

Steampunk Abominations


Hollow Waifs

Need Finishing/Work:

Rusty Alyce (Just not satisfied yet)

Ice Gamin



Killjoy (Just touch-up)


Electrical Creation

Primed and Ready to Paint:



Ice Golem

Lady J Box Set

Victorian 50mm Base (For the Peacekeeper)

1 Steampunk Arachnid (Single Spider)

Essence of Power

December Acolyte


Collette Box Set


Seamus Box Set

Bette Noir

1 Teddy

Punk Zombies

Miss Pack 1


The Dreamer

Needs Greenstuff Work:

Lord Chompy Bits

Needs to Be Started:

Every counter type except Treasure

All Special Terrain

Soooooo... Votes on what I should start first? Cuz I'm kinda overwhelmed, ha ha ha ha.

I'll be keeping a running before/after/whatever pictures I feel like blog.

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If it was me (and I will be in a similar situation in a few days, 3 crews, not much paint on any of them) I'd start with the basing on the models that are almost finished.

Firstly, put down the new stuff and step away. No, I said, AWAY!


Then see what out of your list can be done to get a crew painted and finished before tackling anything else.

Maybe in between painting you can do up a few counters?


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There are a couple of companies that sell Corpse miniatures. Just get a few of those, base them, paint them up, and they're ready to go (which is what I'll probably end up doing, once I finish getting all the Malifaux, Warmachine/Hordes, and other miniatures I'm interested in...)

For example:



Magius out.

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