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Any Malifaux events at PAX Prime?


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Kinda sad about the lack of response to this. (Thanks for the bump though.) I know PAX really isn't a tabletop gamer event, but there will be some going on there. I do know one company who will be there hosting events. Granted their main office is in the same city as PAX. Oh well. Time to go back to sitting next to my mailbox, hoping that the dreamer shows up today.

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The problem with PAX is its generally a week or two after Gencon. Most game companies can't afford to fly or drive out to two big cons like that. Not to mention that Gencon is a heavy physical drain on them(it takes about a week to recover the sleep you lose from it).

What I would suggest is find a PAX local Henchman and bug them to start thinking about events for next year. Companies can't be at every con, even big ones. But local players can still show up and get some games going.

Also if you are going bring a crew, maybe you can find a pickup game going on. Or hell bring 2 crews and try to start a pickup game with a stranger :)

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I know I've been working with kevin to have Demos in Association with Games and Gizmos. The bigger problem with Pax is the lack of volunteers, I know I've been trying to scrounge up a few folks. Drop me a PM, and once i have more info i'll let ya know.

You get me a ride to PAX(preferable a plane ticket), a hotel to stay and a badge and I will be there to volunteer....Next year :)

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