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Malifaux Tuesday Night League at Guardian Games, Portland, Or.


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Malifaux Tuesday Night League

August 10th to September 7th at Guardian Games

This will be a map-based campaign.

Tuesday and Thursday Nights (fun starts at 6pm On August 10th)

August 10th -- 30ss 1 Master - [Act I]

August 12th -- 30ss 1 Master - [Act I]

August 17th -- 30ss 1 Master - [Act I]

August 19th -- 30ss 1 Master - [Act I]

August 24th -- 35ss 1 Master - [Act II]

August 26th -- 35ss 1 master - [Act II]

August 31st -- 35ss 1 Master - [Act II]

September 2nd -- 35ss 1 Master - [Act II]

September 7th -- 40ss 2 Master [Act III]

Entry Fee $8 for Prize Support

Guardian Games will offer a 20% discount on Malifaux purchases by League Particpants on League Night.

Along with this there will be encouragement and prizes for:

Best Painted Crew (This crew must be fully painted and played on September 7th)

Best Painted Model (This model will be a model that started as Bare Metal at the start of the League, and completed by the end of the League)

Full League Details will be posted in a few weeks

Any Questions feel free to Pm me or Post them here.

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