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30 SS Guild list


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I like your list but this is what I would try next


Enslaved Nephilim (2nd obay cast, obay nino twice for alot of shooting fun or obay Francisco twice and then activate him and get furry off, got to love the family)

Santiago/Nino (depends on the mission)

Francisco (with family and obay makes it so you can activate more of your list at once.)

The executioner (Good choice here)

2 Witchling stalker (Better at melee and some good anti-magic, also with hunter and scout.)

The family can be a vary powerful list, If you get the first activation you can activate, Perdita and here totom and then her family, if you do it right you can obay, obay and thend activate the obayed fam member to get a large charge range or alot of shooting in a turn.

But i would have at lest 3 family members in your list.

This is what i like to run at 35


Enslaved N



Papa loco/Santiago (Depends if i am playing vs another player with obay)

The exacutioner

A witchling stalker

31 total with a 6SS cache.

I hope this helps.

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